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The Association for Contemporary Jewellery

The Association for Contemporary Jewellery is devoted to the promotion, representation, understanding and development of contemporary jewellery in the United Kingdom and abroad.


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The Association for Contemporary Jewellery

is devoted to the promotion, representation, understanding and development of contemporary jewellery in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Founded as a membership association in 1997 and registered as a Limited Company in 2006, it recognises a need to foster discussion, debate and critical review and interaction amongst its members. To this end we organise conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops and an annual general meeting for our members. Our regular newsletter, findings, features reviews, information, comment, book offers and discounts and is of benefit to both our members and the wider public. We also produce a monthly e-bulletin featuring news and opportunities.

We welcome as members practising jewellers, associated designers and crafts people, educators, students, gallery owners and retailers, museum curators, critics and collectors - indeed, anyone with an interest in contemporary jewellery.

The Association for Contemporary Jewellery 
PO Box 37807 London SE23 1XJ United Kingdom 
Telephone: + 00 44 (0)20 8291 4201 
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• promote greater understanding of contemporary jewellery
• support jewellers’ creative and professional development
• develop audiences for this lively field of contemporary craft and design

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What would you like to read or write about?

Started by Rebecca Skeels. Last reply by Rebecca Skeels Jul 12. 2 Replies

Calling ACJ members: Do let us know what you would like to read about in the next issue of Findings. Contact: or comment here!New Writers: Findings is a valuable hub for knowledge sharing within the ACJ. Articles about events, projects, technical innovations, ideas, issues, internships, seminars, collaborations, new work, national and international. Contact: Being Worn: One of my policies for Findings is to picture jewellery being worn, and where possible not just on pretty young female models! If you see a great image of contemporary jewellery being worn, bring it to my attention. It may spark something. Contact:

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Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 23, 2014 at 2:21pm
See below from School of Jewellery. Please return any info to Gay Penfold at Birmingham, not to ACJ.

Calling all Birmingham School of Jewellery trained jewellers!!

In 2015 the School of Jewellery Birmingham is celebrating its 125th Birthday. We are at the early stages of planning a series of events which will take place throughout 2015 to celebrate. One of our 2015 activities centres on our alumni. We want to try to identify as many people who trained at the School of Jewellery as possible and also any identify items of their work which are on public display. We will be asking alumni to complete a questionnaire about their time at the School and then, from the responses we receive, Alumni will be selected and contacted via the internet. They will then be asked to post a short description of themselves and their practice via a Video collection package called Miituu. They also present, via the camera, an Artefact to represent themselves and their work. This may be a piece of work, a picture of their studio, the view from their studio window or their bench, or a drawing – we are giving participants pretty free licence on this! The result will be a video “wall” of mini presentations from alumni.

If members of the Association of Contemporary Jewellers are interested please can they fill in the boxes below and return to me at


Company and position

Contact info

Studied? Date and Course

Product? Displayed where?

In addition we have a pin competition which is only open to alumni may be of interest – pin competition deadline is Friday 27th June – next week... email for more info

We want to hear from as many alumni as possible!

Many thanks for your time and best regards


Gay Penfold

Centre Manager

Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre

Birmingham School of Jewellery

Birmingham City University

Vittoria Street

Birmingham B1 3PA
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 17, 2014 at 5:16pm
Spring Fling 2015 Young Artist Bursary

Spring Fling is offering 3 x Young Artists Bursaries for artist and maker graduates of UK art schools who are originally from or have a connection to Dumfries and Galloway. This bursary of £1000 will encourage young artists to work in the region. Spring Fling will offer a mentoring program with an established practitioner in a related discipline, £1000 to fund the creation of new work, and funded and automatic entry into Spring Fling 23 – 25 May 2015. The £1000 bursary will be used to cover the cost of materials, and expenses incurred in creating the new work and participating in the programme.

Deadline: 25th August 2014 5pm.

Guidelines for the bursary programme can be downloaded Spring Fling Young Artists Guidelines 2015 [PDF]. Please fill in the form below to apply. We highly recommend all applicants read through the application form to make sure you have all required documents and information before filling the form.

[Apply Here]

Here's what 2013/14 participant, Emma Kerr, had to say about the experience:

"The opportunity to have a mentor, who you can relate to, has been a key factor in making my experience of being a young artist great.

This has expanded my network and relating my work to someone with such vast experience, has allowed a fresh new perspective. Working with a mentor of a different discipline has been extremely rewarding, pushing the boundaries of my own creative practice and seeing the design process as a whole collection and range.

Having Spring Fling to work towards has allowed milestones for my work and the opportunity to be part of such a wide ranging exhibition in such a beautiful part of the region is totally unique, This experience has allowed my work to grow and develop by giving me the foundations of real practice, exhibitions and experience."
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 17, 2014 at 5:01pm
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 1:50pm
Summer and Fall 2014
Home Classes with Celie Fago

Hello all,

I'm writing to let you know that I still have a few seats open in the following Home Classes at my studio in Central Vermont this Summer and Fall:

Summer 2014 classes
Book Lockets and Hinged Books: June 27-30th
New Inlay Techniques: July 11-14th
Ring Making Techniques: July 18-21st

Fall 2014 classes
Story Locket: Sept 12-15th
Hollow Forms and Keum Boo: Sept 19-22nd
Carved Bracelet with PMC Adornments: Sept 26-29th

These classes are described on my website under "schedule", or click this link.

If you have any questions, please write me at

I hope to see you!

Celie Fago
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 1:48pm
Come and be inspired by great British innovations

If you want to find out about how the UK’s most innovative and successful companies made it, hear about the cutting-edge technologies set to make a real difference to everyday life, develop relationships to help your company grow and identify new sources of funding, Innovate UK 2014 is the only event you’ll need to attend.

The event, organised by the Technology Strategy Board and UK Trade & Investment, takes place on the 5th and 6th November 2014 at Old Billingsgate, London.

Take advantage of Innovate UK 2014's powerful international networking opportunities and enjoy unmatched access to peers from around the world and leaders from a host of the UK’s most innovative business sectors.

Early Bird Tickets are available now and they are available only for a limited time – so make sure you register your place at

Ticket Prices : £95.00 (ex Vat) per day – Early Bird Rate

£125.00 (ex Vat) for two days – Early Bird Rate

(Expires 30th June 2014)

For more information, please click here or email

Kind Regards,

David Phillips
Head of International Campaigns

Trade Development Group
UK Trade & Investment
Level 1 Victoria 3
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET Natalie Coomber
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 12:39pm
How to Overcome Rejection as You Seek Gallery Representation

by JASON HOREJS on MAY 9, 2014 · 76 COMMENTS

Let’s just be frank – as an artist trying to get your art out to the world and into galleries, you are going to run into some rejection. Few artists have found success in the art world without first enduring failure. Not every gallery is going to see the merit of your work, and some of them are going to be pretty forthright in telling you what’s wrong with it. You’re going to have to face some “no’s” to get to that much anticipated “yes.”

As an artist, you would be well served to begin developing a thick skin. Don’t let criticism or rejection stop you from pursuing your passion. Remember, any opinion given by a gallery owner or director is just that, an opinion.

I’ve met too many artists who, after facing two or three harsh rejections, have retreated to their studios where they will hide in their work for months or even years before venturing out into the world again. “I just need to create more work and get a little better before I’m ready to go back out there,” they might say.

If you are creating the best work you can, and if you’ve prepared yourself following the principles I’ve been laying out over the last several months in this course, you are ready for gallery representation. Don’t be afraid to pursue it.

There are many ways to increase your odds for success and reduce the likelihood of rejection (may I humbly suggest reading or rereading “Starving” to Successful), but some level of rejection is inevitable. I would like to spend just a minute sharing some quick tips on how to prepare for and overcome the inevitable rejection you will face as you share your art with the world. These are tips that have helped me when I face rejection with clients, but they will also help you overcome rejection as you attempt to show your work to galleries.

Tips for Overcoming Rejection

1. Know the odds. It sounds counter intuitive, but knowing that most attempts to find gallery representation are going to fail, can help you feel less dejected when a gallery says “no thanks!” The number of rejections you are going to face before being accepted can vary depending on your style of work, your personality, your preparation and any number of other factors, but if you tell yourself to expect 20 rejections before you have success, each rejection will feel like a step down the road to success, instead of a stinging defeat.

2. Force yourself to keep going. As you prepare to approach galleries, make a list of galleries that are possibilities and commit to approach all of them, no matter what happens. It’s unlikely the first gallery you approach will accept your work, so make sure you have a plan b, a plan c and so on. As soon as one gallery let’s you know their not interested, roll on to the next one.

3. Don’t take rejection personally. Even though some gallery owners may feel a need to reject you in a very personal way, criticizing you and your work, there’s no need to take the rejection to heart.

4. Talk to other artists and learn how they’ve overcome rejection. It’s very easy to feel like you’re the only artist whose ever been rejected so resoundingly. Talking to other artists about their experience can help you realize you are far from alone. Start by reading the comments below!

We all fear rejection, but as you gain experience and wisdom in the art business, you’ll come to see that rejection is just another part of the process of building a successful art career.

Help an Artist – Share your Experiences!

Have you encountered a particularly harsh rejection from a gallery? How did you overcome it? What have you done to develop a thicker skin in the face of rejection? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 11:58am
Please tell us your view - Towards an Education Manifesto for Craft and Making.

The Crafts Council would like to hear your views and ideas towards developing an education manifesto for craft and making in the UK which will be launched in the House of Commons in November 2014.

We invite you to help shape and develop an inspiring and dynamic vision to which you would lend your active support.

Contribute by 30 June
More information and questionnaire
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 11:56am

Launched in early January 2014, co-located and organised with leading trade events Top Drawer and Home and with the support of Crafts Magazine and Handmade in Britain, CRAFT was a great success. For the second edition, CRAFT will once again create an event that exhibits the best of British and International Craftsmanship for professional buyers and collectors.

Run for Clarion Events by Piyush Suri, Founder and Director of Handmade in Britain with close support from Ian Rudge, Development Director at Clarion Events and Co-Founder of 100% Design and Tent, CRAFT will feature the work of 150 designer makers, all vetted by jury.

How to Apply

The event will embrace exhibitors from a range of disciplines from textiles, jewellery, glass to woodwork and ceramics working in both traditional and contemporary idioms. We are now accepting applications from individuals and groups who wish to exhibit at the show.

Applications are welcome from designer makers working in the following areas: fashion design, glass, jewellery, furniture, stationery, metalwork, ceramics, sculpture, woodwork, prints and etchings.

If your work is of a different discipline, please get in touch with us to talk about what you do.

For more information and to apply please see download the application pack.

Deadline: 30 June 2014

Exhibitions Selling
CRAFT Application Pack 2
30 June 2014
Pinterest Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 11:48am

Artists, Designers, Scientists and Anthropologists are invited to submit works for the forthcoming exhibition and publication Crafting Anatomies.

Crafting Anatomies is scheduled to run from 7 January – 4 February 2015 at Nottingham Trent University's Bonington Gallery.

This project and exhibition will conclude Nottingham Trent University’s 170 year anniversary celebrations, and will explore how the body is interpreted, crafted and re-imagined in historical, contemporary and future contexts.

Proposals in each section may encompass (but are not limited to) the following approaches:

Biotechnical approaches to the crafting of anatomical materials
Fabrications for the body using digital technologies
Anthropometric studies of anatomy
Bio-inspired practices: taking inspiration from the human form
Performance: Explorations of movement and performance of the human body
Textiles as second skins within sports science
Interactive garments and accessories that are controlled through the performative actions of the wearer
Studies into our emotional connectivity with wearable technologies
Identity: how physical and psychological identities are constructed
Genetic identities: connecting to biological components and characteristics
Fashion and identity: gender, dress and culture
Crafting identity: the relationship between making and community
Applicants have the opportunity to make new works for this exhibition, or submit relevant existing works that have been created since 2012.

Proposals for the project will be selected by a panel of industry professionals. Applicants may submit up to 3 works for inclusion in the show

How to Apply

To submit an application please send the following details electronically as PDF/JPG files to

A 300 word description outlining new/existing works proposed for the exhibition including media, dimensions and display format for the piece(s)
6 x images to accompany your application – images no larger than A5 dimensions/150dpi (files to be captioned with practitioners name, title and year)
A current CV (max 2 sides of A4)
For further details about this project please contact Rhian Solomon ( / 01158482709 )

Deadline for submissions - Monday 7 July 2014 at 5pm
Comment by Rebecca Skeels on June 15, 2014 at 11:40am

I Will Always Have You is a new project partnering makers and local residents to explore, design and develop a series of small-batch digitally fabricated objects of desire inspired by the rich tattoo culture of Knowle West, a neighbourhood in Bristol.

We are seeking two-three lead makers from a range of different disciplines, including but not limited to, fashion and textiles, graphics and print, product design and jewellery.

The lead makers will work alongside local people during a 3-month residency. They will be able to develop their knowledge and practice using digital manufacturing processes such as 3D printers, cnc machines and laser cutters in a mini-digital manufacturing hub at KWMC and through access to the FabLab at the University of the West of England.

We are seeking established makers who are interested in innovation and in developing their practice through collaboration and socially engaged practice. We are particularly interested in makers with the following experience:

Recognition in a particular craft discipline relevant to the scope and aims of the project;
Experience of digital manufacturing processes;
Socially-engaged practices;
Product development, marketing and sales knowledge;
Interest in developing sustainable enterprises.
Makers who apply will be shortlisted for a 'match makers' event on 15 July 2014 (1-3pm or 5:30-7:30pm) which will include meeting local participants, an introduction to the digital fabrication facilities available, and time to explore the creative possibilities of the project.

Makers from the ‘match-makers’ event will then go on to develop a residency proposal. A number of residencies will be chosen to go forward based on the strength of the proposal.

The selected lead makers will be supported through the project, including project management, community engagement, technical support, research assistance, press and communications, and access to studio space.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this residency, please make a submission in a single Word or pdf document outlining the following:

Describe your practice and the way you work in no more than 200 words.
Outline a collaborative or socially engaged project, exhibition, commission or work that has pushed your practice forward and your key highlights in no more than 300 words.
Explain why you are interested in this project in no more than 300 words.
Include upto four jpeg images to illustrate your work and/or links to upto three websites that show your work.
Send your submission to:, with 'I Will Always Have You' in the subject line no later than noon on Friday 4 July 2014

Please download the information pack for more information.

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"Hello All, I am writing to let you know that although two of my three fall home classes are full, I do have a few seats left in the Carved Bracelet with PMC Adornment class from Oct 2-5. This class combines creating and carving polymer bracelets…"
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"Symposium: The Stuff of Memory SAT 3 OCT, 10.30–17.30 £18/£15 CONCESSIONS | BOOK NOW Memory is an imaginative and creative process, not a static repository. But what role does 'stuff' play in the act of remembering? How…"
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"Alice Anderson: Memory Movement Memory Objects UNTIL SUN 18 OCT FREE | DROP IN Over 100 works by acclaimed artist Alice Anderson are on display at Wellcome Collection. Anderson’s sculptures are entirely mummified in copper thread, creating…"
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"s traditional folk crafts as enterprises across the country struggle with low profitability, high taxes and a shortage of skilled…"
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"Deputy Warden Reappointed at the BSI Story image We would like to congratulate Dr Robert Organ, Deputy Warden of our Assay Office, for being reappointed by The British Standards Institute (BSI) as Chairman of STI/53 (Specifications and Test Methods…"
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"Dave Receives Honorary Membership to the CTSI Story image We are excited to announce that Dave Merry, Head of Training and Trading Standards Liaison (pictured above, centre) has recently been awarded an Honorary Membership of the CTSI (Chartered…"
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"New Opportunities at the British Hallmarking Council The Secretary of State wishes to appoint four members to the British Hallmarking Council, a partner body of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. If you have experience in the…"
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