Information about Artist and Pieces

Liana Pattihis
Blue Knitted Chain Brooch 03, 2011
Silver cable chain, copper, enamel, st. steel,
diam. 6cm x L16cm
Photo by artist

Dilyana Evtimova
Silver, 2010
L 14 cm
Photo by Alexander Nikolov

Inês Sobreira
Silver Painted, 2012
L 14 cm


Casey Sheppard
Sterling Silver, PVC, Spray Paint, 2012
L 20 cm
Photo by artist

Janine Partington
Paper and card, 2012
L 16.5cm
Photo by artist

Karen Vanmol
Pliable Chain, 2012
Wood from painted hardwood floor,
1 x 1 x 15 cm

Stella Bierrenbach
Silver, epoxy, 2012
L 20cm
Photo by artist

Masako Hamaguchi
Teflon, hand carved, 2012
L 17.5cm
Photo by artist

Alexander Dauvit, The Justified Sinner
Found iron and steel components including keys, spring washers, nut, pieces of bicycle chain; silver; garnet; polycarbonate reflector material from a crashed car, 2012
3 x 9 x 19,5 cm
Photographer: Andrew Neilson, Neilson Photography

Colleen Baran
Layered watercolor paper, watercolor paint, 2012
0,4 x 2.5 x 17. 5 cm
Photo by artist

Marco Donini
Masking tape ,2012
L 20cm

Isabella Nishioka
Silver 950, 2012
L 11cm
Photo by Marcio Fischer


Malene Kastalje
Silicone, 2012
L 19 cm
Photo by artist


Miriam Mirna Korolkovas
Lianna from Alfredo Volpi Park 2012
L 20cm

André Lasmar
Vintage gold chain links, 2006
L 15 cm



Steven Vande Voort
Sterling silver with patina, 2012
L 14.5 cm
Photo - Agnes Ma


Catarina Hällzon
Dried intestines from pig combined with silver by iron. 2007
5 x 1 x 30 cm


Sabrina Montiel- Soto & Renata Siqueira Bueno
Graphite, 2012, L 15cm


Floor Mommersteeg
Nylon, 2011, 5 x 7 x 25cm


Marcelo Zocchio
Carved wood, 2012, L 21cm


Laura Prieto-Velasco
Copper, polyester thread, iron wire, latex paint, india ink, 2012, L 20cm
Photo by artist


Nina Moraes
Metal –foil paper, 2012, L 20cm


Roberto Zanon
polyurethane gel, 2012, 20 cm
photo by artist


Del Pilar Sallum
Cooper wire, builted on finger , cooper plated, 2012, L 11cm
Photo by artist


Aurea Sacilotto
Silver 950, 2010, L 20cm
Photo - Túlio Vidal


Julie Usel
Acrylic, silk thread, 2011, part from necklace 80cm long


Don Dvorak
Silver, 2012, L 18 cm - open
Photo - Agnes Ma


Adriane N. Dalton
Vintage flocked wallpaper, 2010, L 10cm
Photo by artist


Rasma Puspure
Pearl oyster, freshwater pearls, silver, 2012, L15 cm.
Photo by artist


I L H A - Kekei Mesquita & Thais Graciotti
silkscreen on acrylic looped cord of cotton and polyester, 20cmX2cm


Kika Alvarenga
Black tourmalines, gold, silver, 2010, L 23cm


Petra Bole
Don't forget who you are”.
Plastic, ballon, human breath, 2012, L 30cm


Fernando Limberger
Plastic thread, 2012


Sarah Holden
Forged and welded mild steel, 2012, L 20 cm
Photographer Guy Nicol


Chico Zelesnikar
Acrilic and vinil  2000, 20cm L45cm
Photo by artist


Sandra Manin Frias
Ag 950, pau-brasil recycled wood, jarina seeds( Amazonas), 2012, L 20cm
Photographer Sarita Alcarde


Debora Bolsoni
Link-chain 2012 , Drawing on paper


Bettina Terepins
Gold and paper 2011, L 23cm


Sarah Truett
Reticulated Brass, Vitreous Enamel, Peanut Oil Patina, 2012, 2 cm L12,52 cm


Ela Bauer
Silicon rubber,2006


Thais Costa
Two to tango, 2012, silver 950, L 20cm


Your Funeral, my trail, 2012
Silver, wood, brilliants, grosgrain silk


Synthia Simon
Black walnut shells with copper jump rings, 2012, L 20 cm
photo by artist


Brigitta Stoner
Oxidized sterling silver, 2012, L17.5 x 0.5 cm
Photo by artist


Rudolph Dedrie
Brass, found objects, 2012, 22 x 4.5 x 2 cm
Photo by Artist


Maria Alves de Lima
Entre - laços, 2012, Silver wire 950, L 24 cm


Sangji Yun
Hot glue stick, plastic, 2012 ,
H 17.5cm


Christina Cunali
Silver,cooper, nut, stone, L 14cm


Janna Gregonis
White porcelain and 18K gold, 2011, L 20cm
Photo - Lahaina Alcantara


Holly Funke
Sterling Silver, 2012, L14cm


Sharon Massey
Fabricated and etched steel, paint, 2012, L 16cm
Photo- Sharon Massey


Brenda Bregman
Steel, 2012, L 17 cm
Photo- David Terao


Nao Yuasa
Silver1000, silver950, white and yellow gold18k, shakudo, wool, 2012, 21 x 4 cm


Peter Hoogeboom
porcelain, 2012
17.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm


Noemi Wajntal
Silver, copper and gilding metal, 2012, 2,7 cm x 20 cm


Gussie van der Merwe
Cotton tread, starch, watercolour and acrylic paint - 2012, L20cm x 3,5cm x 0.3cm
Photo by artist


Minna Karhu
Aluminium, brass, 2012, 9cm L 20cm
Photo by Artist


Jeremy Fox
Sterling Silver, Found Object, 2012
19.75cm x 3mm x .5mm
Photographer: Graehound


Kristin Kaminski
Sterling silver, acrylic, film.- 2012, 16.51 cm
Photo by artist


Junwon Jung_South Korea
untitle_necklace_zinc, steel-wire_2012, L 23cm
Photo by artist


Giulia Savino
Plastic paper, silver, shibuichi – 2011, L 20cm
Photographer Meghan Hawkes


Lucy Pierpoint
Video& audio tape -2012, L 20cm
Photo by Artist


Renata Porto
Silver 950, Plastic toys, 2011


Demitra Thomloudis
Cement, 2012, 20cm x 4.5 cm
Photo by artist


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