Project #11: Redefining, Redesigning Fashion


Project # 11:

Title of Project:     Redefining, Redesigning Fashion

Approximate Start and End Dates:  January 19th - May 26th, 2013

Location of Project: 

Goldstein Museum of Design, University of Minnesota's College of Design
Requested Funding amount (up to $400):   $400.00
4 Rings: Materials have not been purchased yet. Documentation/receipts will be provided.

Estimate Costs:
Gold: 20 dwt recycled or fairtrade 14kt yellow gold: Estimate $1120.00
Gemstones: Fairtrade level 1 pink, blue, green sapphires, reclaimed ruby: Estimate $300.00
Misc materials: $25.00
Casting, labor, setting: Proposed costs $2000.00


Project Overview:

Title of Project:   Redefining, Redesigning Fashion

The Crafthaus Project Grant would help defray the cost of making 4 rings made of 14kt gold and precious stones.

Redefining, Redesigning Fashion is an invitational exhibition that will explore how designers use clothing and accessories to create a personal appearance while caring about the environment and economic and social concerns. This exhibition will highlight the importance of understanding the environmental and ethical impact the fashion and jewelry industries create.
The exhibition will be presented at the Goldstein Museum of Design, part of the University of Minnesota’s College of Design, from January 19-May 26, 2013.

My jewelry accepted into the exhibition will be handmade out of 14kt recycled or fairtrade gold set with fairtrade level 1 gemstones.  Mining is the most ecologically and ethically damaging industry and jewelry is 100% dependent on mined metals and gemstones, giving it the highest environmental impact of products produced. It is important for me to create a new kind of jewelry that is beautiful, precious, and still sustainable. My new reality is about designing smart by integrating sustainable thinking into my design process from the very beginning helping to redefine the jewelry industry with traceability and transparency both ethically and environmentally.

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