Project #9: Chain

Project# 9

Title of Project:      CHAIN

Approximate Start and End Dates:  15 september to 15 october

Location of Project: crafthaus

Requested Funding amount (up to $400):   $400

Project Overview:

The Chain Project consist of creating a chain out of chains submitted by  artists  for an online exhibition at crafthaus.ning website.

To participate artist must submit the photograph of their chain and this  image will be used to built the chain - of -  chains.  

The complete Project may be viewed at

To perform this project one essential skill is to keep a final image unit, an accurate work is required to convert  all the images received, mainly to convert the white background of all chains uniformly to cristalline white and preserve the original colors of submitted works.

After this online exhibition, on November 2012, the project will migrate to be seen in São Paulo at A CASA  museum of Brazilian object. This time, with the real pieces, as well as invited designers.

My grant request will be destined for the professional treatment of the images received by the artists and those images will be used to design the catalog,
Below, an example  that ilustrates the image treatment needed to apply in mostly all works. (chain by Roberto Zanon).

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