Project #3: Every Two Minutes

Project Title: STAMPED presents Every Two Minutes, an art film on sexual assault

Project Timeline: JUNE 2016- SPRING 2017

Project Description:

STAMPED is an art educational organization founded in Pittsburgh, PA.  Through the power of art, STAMPED’s goal is to provide free educational tools on social issues such as gender, race, politics, health and societal challenges.  STAMPED’s passionate team of artists collaborates on projects to bring awareness and change to matters in both Pittsburgh and America with film, performance, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance and more.

In Fall 2016, STAMPED will launch its first project Every Two Minutes, a short film on sexual assault in America.  With the help of women’s shelters like the Blackburn Center and PAAR, STAMPED is able to use professional resources to provide educational statistics and data on sexual assault and rape culture.

Once the film is released to the public, STAMPED will work to integrate Every Two Minutes into Pittsburgh universities and high school health classes.  This short film is also designed for social media to include younger generations in sexual assault conversation and to spread media awareness. To involve the community, STAMPED is hosting public coffee talks and art workshops in Pittsburgh starting this fall.

Join STAMPED to spread awareness through the arts and bring positive change. Anyone with the passion for art, education or social justice is welcome to embrace our organization. With support, STAMPED can continue to create projects and raise awareness for our communities.

What will the grant be used for ?

With financial support STAMPED can afford to survive and continue educational art projects for the Pittsburgh community. Our goal is for STAMPED's passionate members to raise awareness and create change through the fine arts. We would like to work closely with Pittsburgh universities and high schools to implement sexual assault teachings into the schools'  health systems. With the Crafthaus Project Grant we can work with teachers to recognize a new health program, rent public spaces for awareness events, host art workshops and open up educational talks.  If STAMPED is awarded with funds, our staff will also be able to purchase the materials and supplies needed for their art, and to afford any studio space or gallery application fees. Please show your support and help bring change with one vote at a time!

Project #3: Every Two Minutes

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