Project #6: Renewal In Ruin

Project Title: Renewal In Ruin

Project Timeline October 1st – October 31st

Project Description:
I am currently an artist in residence at the Estonian Academy of Arts, in Tallinn Estonia. I will be working in Tallinn for at least the next month. The landscape and architecture of the city is dotted with often-abandoned, soviet architecture.
Factories, prisons, and industry form the Soviet era stand and solemn crumbling monuments, to an unpleasant history or repression. Estonia’s, relatively newfound independence, (1991), has welcomed a new generation. They occupy and take over these Structures breathing new life and promise into them. Young artists’, entrepreneurs, gardeners and dreamers are creating a new future in this landscape.
I will work to create a series of steel vessels. I will incorporate design elements from the surrounding industrial infrastructure. The objects produced will be vessels that each relate directly to gardening. I am using the growth of plants as metaphor for the promise of renewal. It is also a direct representation as new food bearing gardens and green spaces are being created in the ruins of a bygone era. The landscape is rich with texture created by decay, but small plants break through the cracks and grow towards a new future.

If you receive the grant, how will the funds support your project?
The Funds will go directly into my materials, Steel, patinas, paint, wax, etc.

Project #6: Renewal In Ruin

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