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Earthly Pleasures:It's Easy To Be Green


Earthly Pleasures:It's Easy To Be Green

The talented artists in "Earthly Pleasures" are from Bali, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Portugal, and the United States. We want to thank the artists for the opportunity to show their artwork!  Curators: Glen & Marie Guarino

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Artist:  Claudie Bastide

Title:  La Meduse Volante

Materials:  Oil Painting on rescued zinc from Paris roofs & hammered in some places

Dimensions:  72cm x 160cm

Artist Statement:  Claudie Bastide's studio looks over Paris rooftops. She rescues twenty-year-old sheets of zinc covered with calcite that makes a perfect background layer for her oil paintings.

Photographer:  Claudie Bastide



Artist:  Norman Pirollo

Title:  Slice of Nature

Materials:  Mesquite, Blackwood.

Dimensions:  12.5"H x 5.5"W x 5.12"D

Artist Statement:  I utilized flawed remnants of wood from my studio combined with the live edge of the blackwood.

Photographer:  Norman Pirollo




Artist:  Harriete Estel Berman 

Title:   Recycle Fruit Crate and Recycle Necklace

Materials:  Label and Crate - Recycled tin cans, paint, "Bermaid" in sterling silver, aluminum rivets, circuit board, wood, handmade paper.

Necklace-Recycled HDPE plastic from milk bottles, button, catch.

Dimensions:  Crate – 10 ¾” H x 11 ½” W x 10 1/2 “D   Necklace - 6” H x 12” W x 12” D

Artist Statement: The Recycle Fruit Crate label and jewelry are constructed from recycled materials.  The necklace can be converted into two bracelets.

Photographer:  Philip Cohen



Artist:  Norine Kevolic  

Title:  Bamboo

Materials:  Reclaimed Bamboo, edges hand-sanded

Dimensions:  14.25" x 14.25"

Artist Statement:  I rescued the bamboo just as it was about to be fed to a "chipper." It is my new favorite material.

Photographer:  Norine Kevolic



Artist:  Joshua Lynn

Title:  Darkness will not…!

Materials:  Cedar, Pine Dowel, Red Oak Plywood.

Dimensions:  18" x 18" x 1 ½"

Artist Statement:  This was made from pieces lying around the studio for some time. I wanted to show a lot of contrast between light/dark and rough/smooth surfaces.

Photographer:  Leighton Autrey



Artist:  Warren Moeller and Robbin Smith

Title:  Don't Fence Me In

Materials:  Fossil Mammoth Ivory, Sterling Silver

Dimensions:  2.5” x 0.25” x 7.5”inner circumference

Artist Statement:  Subtly colored mammoth ivory patinated by eons of time, set with etched sterling silver. The Alaskan ivory are recycled scraps from carvers.

Photographer:  Warren Moeller and Robbin Smith



Artist:  Nick Taylor

Title:  Xylonbike Klassic Art

Materials:  Recycled scrap bicycle parts, sawmill hardwood off cuts, certified Finnish Beech Marine Plywood.

Dimensions:  1000m long x 500mm tall x 159 mm wide

Artist Statement:  Xylonbikes offers a new approach to cycling. These organic lustrous wooden frames allow the cyclist to enjoy a unique experience.

Photographer: Kenneth Dayton



Artist:  Norman Pirollo

Title:  Elements

Materials:  Stone, figured big leaf Maple, Wenge, metal rod.

Dimensions:  6" H x 9" W x 4" D

Artist Statement: Elements was made using materials that have been in my studio for some time. The flaws in the materials add interest to the piece.

Photographer:  Norman Pirollo



Artist: Tadashi Koizumi

Title:  Untitled

Materials:  Bronze, glass jar, and earth.

Dimensions:  50mm tall x 30mm wide x 30mm deep

Artist Statement:  I selected to make a piece to be earthly friendly VISUALLY. This is the simplest answer I have for this wonderful theme, "Earthly Pleasures."

Photographer:  Tadashi Koizumi




Artist:  Gabrielle Kunze

Title:  Let There Be Light

Materials:  Recycled aluminum wick holders, old light bulb, hand forged sterling silver clasp.

Artist Statement:  I design and make my art using recycled materials.

Photographer:  Gabrielle Kunze




Artist:  Warren Moeller and Robbin Smith

Title:  Night Passage

Materials:  Coconut, Sterling silver.

Dimensions:  3.25" ”x1.5”x 0.25

Artist Statement: The re-cycled coconut shell reminds us of the midnight sky on a night passage.

Photographer: Warren Moeller and Robin Smith



Artist:  Fred Johnson

Title:  Writing Desk and Chair

Materials:  Antique chair seat, Walnut, tree branches and antique spindles.

Dimensions:  Desk 36"W x 18"D x 33"H  Chair 16"W x 24"D x 48"H

Artist Statement:  All parts were found or repurposed from broken furniture. The walnut was cut from a fallen tree in my garden.

Photographer:  Fred Johnson



Artist:  Barbi Touron

Title:  Necklace and Wrist Cuff

Materials: Necklace- Inner tube, grommets, elastic,love.

               Wrist Cuff- Inner tube,snaps, love.

Artist Statement:  All of my jewelry is made from recycled bicycle inner tube.  Through recycling I am reducing the consumption of raw materials. This also saves energy by slowing down the exhaustion of new products and the amount of manufacturing needed.

Photographer:  Barbi Touron


Artist:  Harriete Estel Berman

Title:    Silicon Valley Crate and Bracelets

Materials:  Label and Crate - Recycled tin cans, paint, "Bermaid" in sterling silver, aluminum rivets, circuit board, wood, handmade paper.

Bracelets - Recycled tin containers, 10k gold and aluminum rivets, wooden and metal circuit board. circuit pieces.

Dimensions:  Crate – 10 ¾"H x 11 ½"W x 10 ½"D 

Artist Statement:  The Silicon Valley Fruit Crate label and jewelry are constructed from recycled materials and old circuit boards and electronic waste.

Photographer:  Philip Cohen



Artist:  Norine Kevolic

Title:  Genesis

Materials:  Mica powders over plywood, Douglas fir, acrylic paint. 

Dimensions:  62" x 36"

Artist Statement:  The wood used for Genesis was bound for a local woodshop's dumpster before I rescued it.

Photographer: Norine Kevolic



Artist:  Thomas R. Skaggs

Title:  Winged Cabinet

Materials:  American Black Cherry, Walnut, Curly Maple.

Dimensions:  64"tall x 24"wide x 14"deep

Artist Statement:  Winged Cabinet is made from hardwoods harvested from sustainable forests in Southern Indiana.  I obtain the rough sawn wood myself.  I used eco-friendly finishes and processes.

Photographer:  Thomas R. Skaggs



Artist:  Thomas Patrick Muir

Title:  Please Do not Touch The Artwork

Materials:  Honey Locust, Sycamore, copper.

Dimensions:  18" x 18" x 36"

Artist Statement: The insect egg cases among this teapot’s thorns show that nature is a home for all creatures: domesticity made universal. 

Photographer: Tim Thayer



Artist:  Warren Moeller and Robbin Smith

Title:  Golden Bamboo

Materials:  Black Bamboo, gold leaf, sterling silver.

Dimensions:  3.25" x 1.5" x 0.25"

Artist Statement:  The black bamboo is recycled from a furniture maker.  The gold leaf and sterling silver accentuate the natural beauty of the bamboo.

Photographer:  Warren Moeller and Robbin Smith



Artist:  Frances Solar

Title:  Floral Project 2

Materials:  Hand sewn on 12" prestretched canvas with fine wire, scrap bicycle parts, leftover paint,dog tags, bits of glass,old coins, hammered refrigerator tubing.

Dimensions:  12" x 12"

Artist Statement:  This piece was part of a group project to embellish a wall in a health care facility in Squamish BC.

Photographer:  Frances Solar



Artist: Craig Vandeman

Title:  Chained 1

Materials:  Recycled copper, found steel chain, recycled steel rivets, rice, gesso, acrylic.

Dimensions:  4in. x 6in (bowls) x 20in

Artist Statement: Chained 1 looks at the relationship between the person who can get food and the struggles of the person who cannot.  

Photographer:  Craig Vandeman



Artist:  Norine Kevolic

Title:  Pisces Rising

Materials:  Aluminum leaf, mica powder, dyes, paint on birch plywood.

Dimensions:  48" x 24"

Artist Statement:  All the wood used for Pisces Rising was bound for a local woodshop's dumpster.

Photographer:  Norine Kevolic



Artist:  Frances Scott

Title:  Zither

Materials: Rescued wood was used to form variations in texture, color, line and shape.

Dimensions:  14" H x 5"W x 3" D

Artist Statement: I view the discarded as an opportunity to reuse materials, turning trash into something new and beautiful.

Photographer:  Frances Scott




Artist:  Gabrielle Kunze

Title:  Utero

Materials:  Recycled paper, papier-mâché pulp, gesso, paint.

Artist Statement:  I design and make my art using recycled materials.

Photographer:  Gabrielle Kunze



Artist: Glen G. Guarino

Title: Park Avenue Mirror

Materials: Rescued American Black Walnut

Dimensions:  30"tall x 17"wide x 2"deep

Photographer: Justin Guarino


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About the Curators: Glen Guarino holds a MA in Studio Furniture.  He is an adjunct professor at William Paterson University. Glen was recently honored as a “Signature Artist” at the Noyes Museum of Art as an exemplar of the highest caliber of artistic standards.  Guarino’s work is regularly seen in gallery and museum exhibits and in a number of publications. Glen also designs furniture for corporate and residential clients.  Marie works with Glen managing the business and as his art agent.


















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