"So when will the book be out?"  I get that question every day now, people are quite excited to get their hands on this book. Trust me, I can barely wait myself.

Well, to answer the question: On this day (August 29, 2011) I really don't know yet. Here's what is happening: The publisher is currently checking in HIC as well as all the other books that will go into their Spring/Summer 2012 catalog, preparing catalog listings, covers, etc.  Once HIC is checked in and ready for the catalog it will be added to the "final editing schedule" which will most likely begin later this year or early next. The books that are in the publisher’s Spring/Summer catalog are released from January to June. I certainly hope the book will be out rather in January than in June, but that is a decision the publisher’s marketing team will make, not me.

I know. This takes for-e-ver. But it will be worth it ;-)

Hang tight guys. I’ll be in touch as soon as I know anything. Promise!


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