I am going try the "married metals" idea work for a couple of them.
I couldn't make the SuperGlue work for me,
nor the double face tape, although I"m told both are good for holding the different metals together through the sawing.
I wound up using regular tape. I didn't use a thicker metal the first time,
so I will try to chase the sterling in towards the nickel rocket.

The next one was with 18g nickle, which was sawed following a zerox of the space I want it to fill.
Had I held the saw properly, the nickle cut out probably would have fit perfectly, and using a zerox wouldn't be necessary.
As it is, my custom filing has it looking very close to a perfect fit...
although it doesn't look like that in this photo.
THIS one will be chased out to meet the sterling.
I want to etch into the nickel rockets
once I see they are fitting tightly enough to solder in place. I really want to see if this will work...if I can do it.


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OK, I have no idea if this will help with the sawing two pieces of metal. But, I was reading a story about turtles, and they wanted a way to keep the micro chips attached to their shells. A manicurist suggested the glue they use to attach nails. They did, and it worked. The chips quit falling off too soon. 

Maybe it will keep the metal together long enough to saw out. 


The SuperGlues seemed to let go with vibration of the center punch, drilling, or sawing. Double face tape is on my list to try again, but I will look into what manicurists have available to them. A good stick with flexibility would be good. Thanks!

Here is some advice.... Pierce out your design in your piece. Cover the inlay metal with sharpie all over, then use a scribe to scribe out the design in the metal. You will see the bright metal showing through the sharpie. Saw on the out side of the line. You may have to do a bit of filing, but you will have no gaps and will not have to deal with tape or glue. 

Hope this helps...


Oh, excellent! I like this. Thank-you!


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