A Tale of Two Topics: Showing Publicly and Building a Legacy Privately

A big thank you to all the new members of the group! Let's flush out the two topics:


"Showing Publicly"
Tips, tricks and coverage of: submitting to, getting rejected/accepted to, and spectating/participating in nationwide/international art shows. Interviews/Q&A's with artists and a couple of curators to give insight into what makes a good submission. Exhibition coverage of current and upcoming shows allowing each of us to peer into the gallery 


"Building a Legacy Privately"
How to build a fan/collector base through well rounded approaches to strengthen your reputation, client base, and in turn, building a long term and lasting legacy without people fully knowing it- yet.
(Until you’re ready for them to.)


Lori Field, Bunny Got Her Gun, Bronze and Fine Silver, 4.5 x 2.5 inches/11.4 x 6.4 cm.


During the next 13 months I'll provide a virtual periscope above the internet's vast sea of information and cherry pick some highlights as it relates to the Snag and Crafthaus communities.


This month and next consists of gathering and sharing event and speaker info to whet your appetite from the multiple exhibitor/presenter synopses available through their website, www.snagmetalsmith.org.


The presentations range from sustainable and eco-friendly studio practices, to cerebrally tantalizing academic theories regarding art and craft, to rapid fire Q & A’s with top designers and artists. More info will come around the bend as time gears up closer to the 2013 SNAG Conference Meta Mosaic Held in Toronto, CA May 15th- 20th.


For those attending the Toronto SNAG conference in spirit, I'll act as your corresponding reporter giving you up to the minute live access through the SNAG & Crafthaus sites as well as through my Twitter (@sculpturings), Facebook, and Vine (@sculpturings) feeds.


Click this link to check out video of Salvador Dali's "Beating Heart Brooch" on view at The National Gallery of Victoria Museum in Melbourne, Australia.


Each month I'll balance out the exhibition coverage with sporadic interviews with the artists participating in them, and peel back the show curtains in ways so the blog retains its freshness and dimension. Prepare for pop culture and and historic references steeped in the realm of academia, television, and cross sectioned to your art studio.


Charlotte Potter, The Web,<br /> Hand-engraved Glass, Sterling Silver, Metal, Wax, Chains.


The majority of the community represents emerging artists seeking to find their voice, representation, gallery shows, fame & fortune, validity, acceptance, you name it. And I'm among them- I search for, seek out, and set those same goals every waking moment. The SNAG & Crafthaus blog entries will contain approaches myself and other artists have found that work and some that haven't, information that I hope can help you out there in Cyberland translate it into real time.


Ultimately, this is intended for everyone's benefit!
This blog won’t be a one way street.
Heck it won’t even be a two way street.
This will be like a highway interchange.


A big web of information highways going in different directions based on what destination we see for ourself. Let me entreat you to join in on the monthly dialogue and help propel exposure for the movement of which we’re all a part.


See you in Toronto and online,
-Rebecca Rose
Why don’t we be friends?
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