Today started off with a lecture by Kevin O'Dwyer, on a specific reliquary in the Hiberno-Norse (Irish and Norse) style from 11th and 12th centuries. I really enjoyed this lecture, even though it go a little dry in places. The images were inspiring and I fee that every conference should have at least one historical lecture.

Andrew Hayes and Allyson Bone both gave fantastic talks. I never would have guess Allyson was a CAD person, but it totally makes sense looking at her work. Her talk gave me a deeper appreciation for her work. I wasn't familiar with Andrew's work, but enjoyed the brief introduction, and his sense of humor.

I missed Megan Auman's lecture, which is a pity, since everyone who saw it said it was fantastic, and the panel discussion that I was so looking forward to was so awful I walked out before we even reached the question and answer section. Another pity, since I think the topic was so great. The Student Digital Presentation was kind of a clusterfuck in my opinion. I walked in a couple minutes late, so missed most of the opening remarks about how the show was run this year and didn't realize until after it was over that they did things completely differently this year. I don't think it worked. I might talk more about this later, since it annoys me. I'd love the opportunity to run the student slide show some day. I might not do as good a job as Arthur Hash, but I bet I could come close.

Heat Exchange

Speaking of exhibitions, general consensus on "Heat Exchange was": "Oh. My. God." This was an AMAZING show. ALL of the shows were simply fantastic and I loved that there were so many group shows. This was seriously the best conference for exhibitions and I'm not just saying that because of "Hot Under the Collar". It was a HUGE privlege to be part of such a spectacular line up and I'm proud that "Hot Under the Collar" was able to hold it's own.

Kathleen Browne, Heat Exchange

Scottsdale Center for the Preforming Arts, Humor in Metal and Hot Under the Collar

Lynette Andreasen Spoons, eleMEnTAL

So one last big hurdle tomorrow with the trunk show. I feel completely unprepared and anxious about the whole thing. I'm kinda glad I won't have time to shop, since I don't have money to shop, but I am hoping to maybe make a few trades afterwards. And I'm bummed because Bettina Speckner's lecture begins at 2:30, right when the trunk show ends. I'm hoping I can just toss all my leftover's in a box and dash off to at least see some of her presentation.

One more big day! See you tomorrow!

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Liz, I was hoping you could say a bit more about the panel when you get a chance. I missed it and would like to hear your opinion about how it unfolded and why you think it wasn't as good as you hoped. I am sometimes invited to participate in panel discussions and always look for ways to make them 'work' for me and the audience. Thanks!


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