It’s the last day of fashion week in New York; The Jeremy Scott fashion show hit the runway yesterday at 1:00 PM.  PHEW!  

The question on everybody’s mind: Whats FRESH and HOT for spring/summer 2013?


That's right, this little guy made quite a splash at fashion week, from pineapple under the sea to lights, music and runway...  The Pharaoh Spongebob toy was brought to me at Michael Schmidt Studios by the designer Jeremy Scott.  He wanted the toy to have new life and make a rather bold statement on his vintage chain.

The bob was first painted with an electro-conductive spray paint and electroformed over a period of two weeks, being rotated often, building up an even copper shell to protect the soft plastic. Then when the bob was strong enough he was plated in a layer of nickel and then a layer of 24 kt gold.

Jet black Swarovski Crystals were flush set into the eyes for the finishing touch.


Here it is seen complementing Jeremy Scott's smashing ensemble @ the close of the show.  

Special thanks to Jeremy Scott & Michael Schmidt!

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You really snatched one of the most interesting and versatile jobs in the industry!! Can't wait to see what they have you do next....

That's right, I've got the odd-job market cornered. LOL



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