There's not much to say here other than our absence is proof that the pits and falls are everywhere. This spring has been wonderful in many ways. I've continued to try to make work in the tiny crevices of time that pop up unexpectedly, even pulling my first all nighter in over fifteen years. I'm an early riser and normally work before anyone else is up.

Left : Chicken House - Steven Foutch

I pulled an edition of prints based off of a hand colored wood cut. It was nice to sink into technical problem solving and let the larger Sisyphean ideas roll on down the hill and fester for a while. I feel like my ideas are getting broader. The space between gloom and joy seems more than enough to try and decipher with image.

Right : On the Corner - Steven Foutch

We're going to try and do more frequent short updates. A piece I just started working on has sparked a response from Kathleen, and I think it will be the first step towards the actual pieces that end up in the show.

Below : Untitled (partial view, unfinished) - Steven Foutch

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Getting up before anyone else does has been my go-to for years. In fact, this morning I got up at 4am and have been at my desk since 4:30. It's peaceful, nobody bothers me and with some coffee I can tackle my day.

I hear you. Good post!



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