Co:Operation GARNISH

Can the metal and jewelry field overcome its division and send out a much-needed signal?

We appreciate and respect our historical past and acknowledge that current materials have a rightful place in jewelry/object making!

Arriving at this message is the goal of this exhibition cooperatively arranged by Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin.

Please join this group to stay informed !! This is the official exhibition blog.

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  • Brigitte Martin

    Here's our electronic postcard ! Fee free to copy and post :)

  • Brigitte Martin

    Velvet da Vinci just sent out the announcement for the CoOperation Garnish exhibition opening this Friday!

    Image: Billie Theide & Brooke Marks-Swanson, Specimen B (Brooch), Vintage linen postcard, cotton, plywood, pewter, recycled sterling silver, 18K gold dust, turquoise.

  • Brigitte Martin

    This is interesting. Thanks American Craft council for bringing this book to our attention!

    "Forget the image of the artist as the ultimate soloist, expressing his or her highly individual vision. In his new book, Come Together: The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design, Francesco Spampinato explores a new generation of artists and makers who are working together, creating inventive work across creative disciplines." - See more at: