Unique Residency Experience in Joshua Tree National Park

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  • Anna Butcher

    This looks fascinating.  I live in a pretty remote part of Greece and also (when not wearing my jewellery hat) guide hiking trips to places in Africa (and Greece) that are completely off the beaten track, accumulating ideas and inspiration for my next pieces.  Camping is my absolute favourite thing!  I'm seriously interested and will be in touch.  

  • Brigitte Martin

    A quick update from Casey Sheppard for this group: Casey emailed this morning to say that she is thrilled to see your questions and comments here. She is off the grid for 2 days right now but will respond as soon as she's back!

  • Casey Sheppard

    Hello All! I am back from a short yet fun solo bike packing trip! I am super excited to share this experience with you all and to connect. Please feel free to ask questions, add comments or reach out!!!

    Anna: I look forward to talking with you more and connecting. We seem to have parallel lives and interests. Excited to hear about your adventures and to see your work.

    Roxy: Hey Lady!!! So great to hear from you. Thanks for following along and understanding the challenges (and rewards) of the inconvenience.