Nosy in New Orleans: Tell Me All Your Secrets

I’ve always been a nosy person: I want to know everything that’s going on, and why. Now that I’ve embarked on a career in the art jewelry and fine craft fields, my curiosity has found new focus. How did that artist get where they are? What advice do established makers have for others? How is everyone making a living? This blog is an opportunity to ask all the questions bouncing around in my head, and muse a bit in a more official format about my burgeoning career.

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  • Brigitte Martin

    Jessica, now that I see you'll be there, we should hang out! I'll look for you. When do you get in?
  • Jessica Todd

    Brigitte, that would be lovely! I get in Sunday morning and am staying in the Garden District until Wednesday, when I'll move over to the conference hotel. I'm doing a workshop at Thomas Mann on Tuesday, and visiting Joan Mitchell Center at some point, but other than that plan on exploring!

  • Amarette Gregor

    Thanks, Jessica! I'd love to chat in New Orleans, and add your story to my collection.