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Farnham, Surrey, UK
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Rebecca Skeels started her business in 1994 after graduating from the University of Wales. Since 1994, Rebecca’s thirst for knowledge and her passion for sharing has led her to graduate from Central Saint Martin’s, MA Project by Design and achieving a PGC in Higher Education from the University for the Creative Arts. Rebecca is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

As a designer-maker, Rebecca’s work has been exhibited across Europe, in the USA and China and she continues to explore ideas and work collaboratively with like-minded designer-makers within different disciplines, utilising different materials. In parallel, Rebecca’s enthusiasm to encourage others to learn and to be creative led her to the position as Course Leader for Postgraduate courses in Craft at the University for the Creative Arts.

Rebecca’s position as a design maker, leader of craft courses and as an active member of the UK’s craft industry, provides her with a unique perspective on education and requirements for the future of ‘the crafts’. Her interests allow her to continuously develop craft education to enable more inclusive learning experiences which are adaptable to the students’ abilities. Her exploration of ‘other’ materials and processes from different craft disciplines provides an extensive view of the industry.

Materials are her obsession; bridging her work as a designer-maker and her role as an educator. Materials and their related processes determine not only the form and function of an object but also the object’s interaction with the surrounding environment, connecting with personal memories and associations. The use of materials within Rebecca’s own work can be fun, contradictive, functional and thought-provoking. The knowledge of other craft sectors has lead to the exploration of traditional techniques and processes, along with new technologies and digital processes, developing current and future craft practices.

Designer/Maker/Educator at SKEELS

Crafts Council Mentor.

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Member of the Board of Directors at the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.

Founder Member of the Jewellers and Silversmiths Network.
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mixed media.

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  • Barbara Becker Simon

    love those birdie rings and the beads. woohoo great!
  • Debbie Carlton

    hiya, we keep following each other around the social networking world!! hope all's well- happy christmas deb

  • Sophia Georgiopoulou

    Hello, your crows have motion, style and personality. They are wonderful!

  • Sophia Georgiopoulou

    Thank you for your comment, Rebecca. I am trying to move away from the usual granulation designs and create volume as well as a more modern aesthetic impression. But is it a difficult process, time consuming and often not very successful. Trying things out now with precious metal clay...wish me luck!
  • Sophia Georgiopoulou

    I use the torch to make granules because I find that I control the size of the granules better. I will try your suggestion for bronze metal clay. Thank you!

    I hope to have two new pieces done in pmc to submit to the Powder Metallurgy exhibition.

  • Tom McDowell

    Yep I'll be at graduation. It'll be great to hear what everyone has been up to.
  • Mark Fenn - Studiofenn

    Hi Rebecca,

    will of course I will add some images.....once I get around to taking some!!! hopefully that will not be too long.


  • Gigi Mariani

    Thanks Rebecca, it's always nice to receive compliments, ... need to continue with enthusiasm:))
    excuse my English, maybe not as good as my work:))

  • Mark Fenn - Studiofenn

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for the info on the cleaning solution..have just ordered some from Walsh's..hope all is well with you

  • Rebecca Skeels

    Rebecca Skeels 

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    Hi Rebecca, That would be great, thanks! e

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    Thanks Rebecca.  See you soon.

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