Farrah Al-Dujaili


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United Kingdom
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I am working independently as a jewellery designer maker, having recently finished an MA at The School of Jewellery, Birmingham.
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  • Anna Sprague

    Wow, thank  you too:) Have you done any enameling on your structures as well? I will be starting some work with enamels and china paints. Can't wait to get some color on my forms. I just love the elegant color palette your work has. A
  • Anna Sprague

    I've worked with china paints on metal. They are super easy, just like painting (with a paint brush). It's not fussy like with sifting. You use oil (painting mixing medium) with the finely powdered color. Rynne China Company sells tiny vials of color and Thompson Enamel sells the painting mixing medium. BUT, your structures are fantastic regardless! LOVE the forms and color. How fun your work is:) Anna
  • Brigitte Martin

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