Genevieve E. Flynn


Kansas City, MO

United States

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Kansasa City, MO USA
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A creator of jewelry and objects to enjoy! I teach and host international and national metals artists to enrich the lives of people interested in jewelry techniques.
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What media do you work with?
Sterling silver, Argentium silver, gold

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  • Sophia Georgiopoulou

    It is very nice to connect with you too and exchange ideas. I have been working in metals for the past six years. I am a Classics professor by training who after 18 years of teaching decided to change direction and take up what used to be my hobby, jewelry-making, seriously. I love working in metals and love translating the images in my head into tangible pieces. My teacher says that the more complicated the piece the more interested I am. Perhaps he is right.

    I value your opinion of my work since it is only recently I decided to create a portfolio page and join Crafthaus and SNAG. I am still trying to find an individual voice-- I want to explore the properties of gold and silver the way the ancient EasternĀ  traditions did--not rely on flamboyant stones in lieu of design-- but use the metals themselves to their utmost potential. Needless to say during these six years I learned how to be patient and not rush the metal. If you listen to it, it will do what you want. Thanks again!

  • Sophia Georgiopoulou

    I think the change will be good. One of the things I most enjoy is to design a piece in the loft where have my drawing table and materials and then take the design down to the garage! where I have my workshop and start working on the metal. You are right, teaching does take out a lot from one. Sometimes we need to be quiet with ourselves to recharge the creative batteries.

    I find that jewelry has become as hectic as life is today. More pieces, less quality, less attention to detail, frantic chase for innovations that are taken for art and endless momentary gratification rather than appreciation of all the qualities that go into making a timeless piece---like your mulberry leaves pieces. They are exquisite. Good luck with your move. Will drop you a note when I post new work in about a week or two. I am finally turning my portfolio site into a website and it is a lot of work. Take care, Sophia

  • Helene Josefsen Linkosuonio

    Thank you! Very nice to hear:-)