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Please welcome our new crafthaus members:

Niki Grandics, San Diego CA: metals, glass

Marie Godfrey, Thames Ditton, Surrey, England: jewelry, metals

Stefanie Dueck, Vancouver CANADA: metals

Violaine Ulmer, Toulouse, FRANCE: ceramics, jewelry, metals

  • Executive Director, Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, MS

Positions Currently Open at Penland:

  • Metals Studio Coordinator
  • General Campus Maintenance Technician
  • Recruitment Associate
  • Communications and Marketing Associate
  • Development Associate for Database Management and Development Offic...
  • Services Manager

  • The Craft Center in Eugene, Oregon is looking for instructors.

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Topic: Pairing craft with other types of the handmade!

How about hosting an event where guests pick a ceramic or glass plate to go with their favorite craft cheese tasted right at the event, glassware to go with with craft beer (or coffee/tea), jewelry to go with fiber art, furniture to go with ceramics/glassware/fiber art. The key is to draw the focus towards the consumer and what they can do with our work - any craft combination works!

Have an idea ? Want to create an event and are looking for collaborators?


- posted by Melissa Cameron

Nope, not the subculture that rose to prominence in London in the swinging 60′s, I’m afraid. Not quite (but at least a little closer to) case modding practiced by our brethren, the computer geeks. What I’m talking about is modding tools.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and craft enthusiasts of all ages: Get ready for the craft-based, rooftop-located, curator-led match of the millennium. Six art professionals enter, and barring any disasters, six art professionals will leave - albeit each of them will have given the audience a lot to think about. - See more at: http://www.craftcouncil.org/post/ultimate-craft-showdown

"How do we kindle interest in those unaware in what we do?"

As an artist who is trying to find his audience and way in the professional world, Brian R. Jones came up against several challenges that he saw as new and somewhat unaddressed by the established Fine Craft world. This lecture, delivered in Houston during the National Council on the Education in the Ceramic Arts, was meant in part to start a conversation about where we are headed, or indeed mired in, and as a call to action. 

In my short time participating in craft shows as a studio artist the starkness of the current state of the market and the uncertain future of the craft world has prompted me to ask myself over and over: “How will I be able to make a living doing this now and into the future?” My doubt was not something that I had manifested on my own, there was plenty of that, but there were also other signs that things were not what I thought they would be.

Continue reading this interesting blog post by Brian R. Jones:


Open to all crafthaus members. Deadline August 15!

Every year, the crafthaus membership and their supporters decide by anonymous, popular vote which of their fellow members will be the recipient of this grant!

This grant is awarded every September to a crafthaus member, regardless of location, professional background or craft field. It is intended to provide assistance/funding for an individual or group project.

Get all the info and register at www.coloradometalsmiths.org

Looking for book ideas or want to let us know about an art/craft book you enjoyed?

Go right ahead. New crafthaus group just formed. Join up!

- Posted by Vicky Saragouda

To celebrate Jewellery Week 2013 and the London Festival of Architecture and to showcase incredible work made by UK designers today, Craft Central presents Benchmark - a selling exhibition of contemporary jewellery design.

More information...

Call: The Ceramics Annual of America

Mike Godell, "Birdcraft"
Stevens Point Sculpture Park, Stevens Point, WI
Habitat for: Chimney Swifts, 16ft tall
Assorted Lumber, Found objects, Epoxy, Varnish, Galvanized Steel legs
Image 1: Stevens Point Sculpture Park



Birdcraft was built with the intention of exploring the aesthetic possibilities of constructed Chimney Swift habitats and to raise awareness of the bird.

Sculptures for Wildlife Habitat, a crafthaus online exhibition, June 7 to July 7, 2013.

Curator: Greg Gorman


New Video:

MOIRE (Cermics) - by Sam Brennan

"My interest lies in where craft processes lie in contemporary design. In this project I have subverted one of the oldest crafts in existence, the coiling of clay, by automating the process using an extruding machine. Once fired this uniform layered construct of ceramic produces startling results, the ceramic actually behaves like a spring."


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