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Purchase of ART or CRAFT Does NOT Purchase the Copyright or the Right to Copy

With the rise of scanning, 3-D printing, maker-bot and a host of classes, the growth of craft has a new maker audience that wants to make without design skills or confidence in their creativity. So where do they find their ideas? You know....they copy.

Have you…


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I Love Your Work and Want to Make One for Myself is not a compliment, it is a copy

The post "I love your work and want to make one for myself"  is…


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Do You Understand the Impact of Discounts?

Today's post on ASK Harriete is titled My Seasonal Stress Disorder: DISCOUNTS. It offers a short description of the issues and a link to another article about discounts by Jason Horejs.…


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Over Supply, Reduced Demand, Prices Spiral

This post on Crafthaus is a condensed version of ASK Harriete.

The primary purpose is to examine the craft marketplace using the tenants of economics, the principles of supply and demand.

The interaction of supply and demand is the most fundamental concept of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy. It is described as the…


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The White Tent or The White Wall - Context Matters, Diminishing Value

The previous post The White Tent or the White Wall raises an interesting question. Is the value of art or craft defined by the context? Here on Crafthaus, I am providing an abridged version of the posts. Read the full posts on ASK Harriete if you are feeling strong…


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In$urance Value, Whole$ale Price, Retail Price - Under$tand the Money

In$urance Value, Whole$ale Price, Retail Price - UNDERSTAND THE MONEY is a post on ASK Harriete. This is based on 30+ years of exhibition and shipping experience....and was reawakened again, just…


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Merry Renk in Memory Memorial

I recently found out that merry renk passed away and feel an obligation to say something in fitting tribute. In a time when yesterday is so often considered "old hat", it is wonderful to know that merry renk lived long enough to see her jewelry from mid-20th century recognized in major museum exhibitions.…

Merry Renk Necklace


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Follow Your Own Path -- Be Resilient, Postive, and Passionate

I was reading an article about "Pinterest's Ben Silbermann to 'Treps: Make Something Beautiful" on Though the article lists three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs, it struck a cord in me. A resounding echo that could be solid advice for artists and makers. Each one builds on the other.…


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Still Time and Space to Prepare for Success

Are you looking for direction on your  path to success?

Where do you want your work to go? What insights would you like to gain from my 30+ years of experience?  

Is your work consistent with your marketing? Are you images good enough to…


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How traffic pirates skim revenue from your Etsy shop

You may have heard all the ruckus about Pinterest of late and wondered, why is this such a big deal? It looks like this is just a successful social networking site that is driving lots of traffic to my Etsy shop.  Well…not exactly.   Read on and I’ll explain how sites like Pinterest really make money.  Note: I am using Pinterest as just one example of a type of website/business model that is growing rapidly.


Pinterest makes money by directing traffic to websites who agree to…


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Are you steering without a compass? Failure is an inevitable cul-de-sac on the road to success.

 I listen to Charlie Rose every day I often find the speakers inspiring.Charlie Rose These are the smartest, hardest working and usually, most articulate people in the world able to bring ideas and introspection to the plain wooden table of Charlie Rose.

Today, I want to share a couple of thoughts that may be  helpful to artists and makers. Of …


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Pinterest Concerns or A red letter P will be pinned to their chest.

There is a ton of discussion going on about Pinterest.The opinions are mixed. While Pinterest is a delightfully engaging web site I am very upset by a number of issues surrounding Pinterest. Including but not limited to:

  • The fine print under Terms of Use regarding copyright and permission to post images;
  • The apparent disregard by pinners for including the artist's name, complete description, photo credit and most important link to the original…

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Quick Tips to Pin Like a Pro on Pinterest

The great realization is that Pinterest is a natural website for artists and makers since it is image based.  A real delight.  Makers can post images of anything and everything we love.  It could be like a sketchbook of inspiration.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Yesterday was a day invested in learning about Pinterest. It started with…


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Behind the Curtain: Tips for Improving Your Juried Application

Recently, I was a juror for an exhibition using CaFE for entry and for review of the submissions.

It was a real eye opening experience to be on the other side of the CaFE curtain discussed in previous posts here on Crafthaus and ASK Harriete.


In SEVERAL posts on ASK…


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Behind the CaFE Curtain: Insights as a Juror Using CaFE

CaFElogo2 Recently I was a juror for a show. The jury submissions and review used CaFE, an online jury review service.

While I have used CaFE as an artist many times to submit my work for a juried situation, this was my first time as a juror using this service.

ASK Harriete will reveal the "behind the scenes" difficulties and…


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Step by Step Projects - Opportunity or Opportunity Cost

If you work with digital photos, here is an opportunity.  A new book, "Things to Make and Do with Your Digital Photos' is looking for submissions. Quarto does a nice job publishing their…


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Jewelry on the Model - Skin, Skin, Skin

Marthe Le Van, editor of Lark Books says that the best background for jewelry is skin, skin, skin!!!! By this she meant that jewelry on the model produced a very effective photo.

Spanish Collar by Peter Hoogeboom; Photo by Henni Van…


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Craft Forward begins today. This is no joke. Find out about the future of craft.

 Friday afternoon (April 1) is the opening event for Craft Forward, the reception for Manufractured and the keynote address by Glenn Adamson. These two events are the high points of Craft Forward for me!…


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