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Master of the One-Liner: Unhappy Hipsters

Textbook Freudian craft-slip: the Oedipal macrame.

(Photo: Floto + Warner; Dwell) #unhappyhipsters

- My new daily obsession:…


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Unisex (sometimes metallic) Wingtips - Luke Grant-Muller, UK

Luke Grant-Muller is an English-born Egyptian, Scot and Ukrainian artist currently living between London and Tokyo. Grant-Muller describes his design signature as “slightly dark, slightly surreal, ambiguous, androgynous, sometimes grimy and sometimes…


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How To Make Money With Art

Embroidery on a piece of knitting.

Kate Talbot: "I made ‘counterknit’ after a conversation with a friend about how difficult it was to make money from art. It is a tongue in cheek response to how I make my money by…


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Craft meets Technology meets Music: Song Wig



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RECONSTRUCTION - Jim Cotter teaches at Arrowmont

In this class students learn about using industrial and household materials for the construction of jewelry and art objects. This includes using various materials including cement to wood flooring. Some jewelry experience is helpful as well as expertise in basic saw, file and…


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The Costumes of Astrid Hadad

The Costumes of Astrid Hadad! from DAX MGMT on Vimeo.

Described as "one of the most provocative stage acts since the Weimar Republic was in bloom" (New York Times), ASTRID HADAD is an internationally acclaimed Mexican cabaret…


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Fabien Merelle - Dreamstate

Fabien Merelle, "Pentateuque", Resin with paint, hair and fabric

Image: edouard malingue gallery



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Freddie Robins - Knitter

Image above: One Letter Apart, 2013, machine and hand knitted wool, hand crocheted wool, expanding foam, ball of sisal, second-hand hand knitted wool glove, antique glass bead necklace, flints, sequins, glitter, mohair yarn, dress pins on oak base,…


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Nathan Prouty: Ceramicist/Stand-up comedian who doesn't want the attention

Sammiches: Kyle & His Dagwood, Black & White Giclée Print with color acetate overlay, Commission for Star Gods Press

I am overwhelmed.

The incessant input of stimulation - ideas,…


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Caught in the time warp of Art Versus Craft

We participate in a creative exercise related to EtsyMetal, a group of metalsmiths organized around Etsy. The exercise is called "Blog Carnival". Each month a topic is chosen and a variety of members from this international group each provide their individual perspectives on the subject. We thought (mistakenly) that we had scraped the subject of Art Versus Craft off our shoes for good. Thanks to Blog Carnival we have stepped in it again. It appears that it is the topic that will not…


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