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Old and Improved!

Birmingham Spring

Spring has just about got to Birmingham this week and on Wednesday night it was a pleasant - almost warm - walk to the IKON gallery for the private view of the new show of work by two…


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Fondue and More

Not so much going on this week, so a relatively short post: most of the students and staff are at Schmuck in Munich.

Made in the Middle 2017 - Parkside Opening - 1

Highlight of the week for me was the opening of the "…


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20/20 Creative Collaborations Multiplied

What do you do when a friend approaches you with one of her bucket list items? You say YES! It's what I did and for the past year, my friend, metalsmith professor …


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Golden Years

Goldsmiths' Craft And Design Awards 2017 - 1

Last week kicked off to a glorious start with the Goldsmiths' Company Craft and Design Awards, held in the opulent surroundings of Goldsmiths' Hall in…


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Tea For Sixty-two and Sixty-Two for Tea

Tea Sets - 1

This lurid display is another of the short projects run by the BA class, this time to introduce them to various technologies, including turning, press-forming, spining, sand-casting, thread-cutting, riveting, laser-cutting, and finishing. Yes,…


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There is a lot of sellotape in this post.

This week saw Birmingham host Spring Fair, the largest jewellery and giftware fair in the UK. Quite aside from being the largest collection of utter tat I have ever witnessed in one place, the jewellery and watch section of the fair is always interesting and over the years, I've made a few visits here. This time around, we decided to take our entire cohort…


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Iron Man

Student Assessment - 3
Hayley Jones

A bumper two-week post…


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Call: MJSA Vision Awards

If you’re a designer, you know that feeling.

You’ve spent hours in the studio, pouring your skill and creativity into a new design, struggling to turn your vision into reality. Finally, you hold it in your hand—an innovative, finely crafted piece of…


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Interviewed Gustav Reyes for American Craft Magazine Feb/Mar 2017

I am happy to report that my newest article has just appeared in American Craft Magazine! Look for pages 28-31 in the Feb/March 2017 issue.…


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Bad Dreams!

So, we all know - I assume my readers to be fellow Liberal Elite snowflakes, of course - that Trump is a nightmare.

Unfortunately, I was 'triggered' this week, even within my 'safe space' of bed. Frankly, it is my own fault: I've been watching the fantastic Ridley Scott version of Philip K. Dick's "The…


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I'm Still Here

Not having posted for four weeks, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd dropped off the face of the earth, but I was just having an extended Christmas holiday and settling back into work again. I didn't feel inclined to do a retrospective of the year gone by and I've a horrible feeling that next Christmas I may not feel like doing a retrospective then. In short, I'm somewhat lacking in global optimism just now.

That as may be, things here are going along as normal.

Back to…


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Goodbye to Gaynor

Brasshouse HND Christmas 2016 - 2

So, Christmas and new year approach and, like most right-thinking people (Left-thinking, I mean!), I won't be sad to put this miserable 2016 to bed. Still, it is also the time of year when people wear silly hats and bad jumpers…


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The Tragic Emptiness of Now

Michael Gove is one of the new Illiberal Elite who are forever moaning about the Liberal Elite who, I figure, sound very much like me. There is something clammy and unwholesome, something fungal about Gove's glossy face and…


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United in Variety: Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair at the Westergasfabreik, Amsterdam 2016 November 10-13

A view of the Westergasfabreik and my Synaesthetic Fragments Series

Fitting my entire display into twenty three kilos of checked baggage to fly to Amsterdam was more liberating than frustrating as I shed unnecessary…


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A Hairy Week!

Bharti Parmar - 2

That was a week so jammed with things to do that I'm still reeling. It all started on Tuesday evening when I had three different, sequential events to go to, first of these being one of the School of Jewellery's intermittent lecture…


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Collection of Mary Ann Scherr Jewelry at Auction

Garth’s in Ohio is auctioning jewelry designed by Mary Ann Scherr from a private collection. Pieces will be available in their auction this Thursday, Dec. 1.

Mary Ann Scherr's jewelry, and designs in metal, can be found in…


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OMBRE Gallery Opens its Doors

Ombré Gallery specializes in contemporary art jewelry by artists and metalsmiths across the United States and around the world. Our mission is to exhibit innovative works using both traditional…


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Pecha Kucha and Paper

Vittoria Street Gallery - Talking Practice - 13

A fairly quiet week this last week but with some notable events, including the opening of the inaugural exhibition at the Vittoria Street Gallery. This is a new enterprise in the School of Jewellery to bring a…


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Trajet - 1

Not much to report this week, except that I've been to a couple of excellent concerts. The first up was "Trajet" at St. Phillip's Cathedral in the city centre, a piece for solo 'cello which was written from seismic recordings taken of filled-in…


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Limited Edition Living

Limited Edition Living

In a week dominated by Trump and other fascist excesses, this terrible marketing puff for - believe it or not - flats in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham struck me as desperately appropriate. On another week, I might have mused on…


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