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20/20 Creative Collaborations Multiplied

What do you do when a friend approaches you with one of her bucket list items? You say YES! It's what I did and for the past year, my friend, metalsmith professor …


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Oh, Make It Magnificent

What a week!

Quite apart from the preparations for the new students starting next week (and the previous ones returning, of course), I've spent a lot of time in the workshops - on Tuesday evening as much to avoid violent thunderstorms as anything else - making up work for the Made In The Middle show, work which shows a completely new way of working for me, eschewing applied - illustrative - narrative for a more 'improvised' narrative of material, being braver about allowing the…


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Autumn Leaves

Yes, indeed. It may only be early September but I've been clearing the falling leaves from the garden, planting out my winter leeks and sowing land cress, radicchio and lettuce for winter salads, as well as poring over the seed catalogues which dropped through the door over the last week. (I'm not really sure why I get printed catalogues by post as I order my seeds and plants from the same companies online!)

This week I've been mostly working on the pieces for "Made in the Middle"…


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Meet the Maker - Bryony Knox

Bryony’s experience as Silversmith in Residence at Edinburgh Zoo has informed her recent collection- a series of kinetic silver objects, with function and form inspired by the essence of animals and birds. Her work also explores the combination of glass and contemporary chased silver, creating functional silverware with a twist.

Find out…


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Minimalist with a Twist - Jeanne Marell, UK


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New Materials And Old

Argentium Silver Class - 1

This last week has been taken up by exploring a fairly new material with the pleasingly forthright Ronda Coryell, a delightful Amercian woman who is an expert in the use…


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After the political ructions of the last few weeks, I've retreated to my workshop! Best place for me, really, but it makes for a fairly brief blog post...

The week kicked off with a visit to Walsall Academy to work with some pupils there on their CAD and…

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New Piece: Viennese Wastewater Cover Broach


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Rhubarb Filling

Not much to report this week, so I'll digress on the new garden in Birmingham, for where I have been struggling to find that most proasic of vegetables (fruits, I suppose): rhubarb. I have always thought I hated rhubarb but one day a few months back, my colleague, Claire Price, brought in a jar of jam for us to eat at one of our regular staff breakfasts. I tucked in without giving it much thought and marvelled at the balance of sour and sweet, at the hint of orange, at the amazing scent. It…


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Versailles Gate Ring

All the luxury and impracticality of the Ancien Regime, at your fingertips!

4.75 x 5 x 1.5"

Sterling silver with 22K gold overlay

Thanks to apprentices Kirsten Kulland, Anna Aparicio and Tammy Nguyen who all helped make it…


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Just 'Cos - 3

This week has been taken up with the tough paperwork exercises of re-writing the whole curriculum at the School of Jewellery to make it more dynamic and flexible. We've taken the opportunity to make the whole thing more craft-based, which is…


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Once You've Begun To Think Like A Gun

Walk Like A Man (Sex Crime) - WIP - 10
Blood on the windows and…

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Tiger Feet

I've not posted for a while, for which I apologise. It isn't that there has been nothing happening or that I've been too busy: more that when I've had a spare moment or two, I've not felt like making a post.

SO this will be a bit of a longer post than usual as I've been in Brighton again, visited Farnham, and loads of other things besides. I also completely forgot that there should have been two other things of note in the last post: I gave my talk on New Technology as part of the…


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Three Weeks

It doesn't feel like three weeks since I last posted and fortunately there has been something of a lull in activities as I move house from the temporary rental into my new permanent location.

As I said a few posts back, the Earl of Bedlam is making me a new suit and the theme this time is "Mr Fox". I get real pleasure out of seeing the urban foxes which have appeared everywhere in the UK over the last 15 years or so (along with urban badgers and even deer) and I commissioned…


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Fred Rich Enamel Design, UK

Damsel Moonstone Vase

Silver, silver gilt and enamel with 22 carat…


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SNAG Donation Perk: Brooch by Andrew Kuebeck

I donated to SNAG's annual appeal last year, and my choice of perk was a…


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Punk, JUNK (and not junk)

JUNK: Rubbish To Gold - 6

This was the week that the School of Jewellery hosted the recycling-performance work, "JUNK: Rubbish To Gold" with teams of the most experimental and interesting jewellers coming in - from as far afield as Ohio and Germany - to…


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The Project is Alive!

Dear friends and colleagues



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Upcoming Exhibition

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Frontiers Of All Sorts

Fei Liu Exhibition - School of Jewellery - 1

So we kick off this week with an correction and an apology. In my last blog, I credited the elegant champagne-flute holders which were used at the Fei Liu reception as having been "designed and made" by Paul Evans,…


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