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Bits of the mind's string, too short to use

Today, I found this essay by Joan Didion on keeping a notebook, an essay of which the editor of the hosting site says, "Though the essay was originally written nearly half a century ago, the insights at its heart apply to much of our modern record-keeping, from blogging to Twitter to Instagram."

I constantly make notes on paper - always ideas…


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Ishbel and Iain

Two of my ex-students had a little Christmas preview of their new work tonight. For some very odd reason, it was held in a hi-fi shop... quite a strange location but the specialist hushed acoustics made for a really lovely feel to the show.


Ishbel Watson has been working on some new work based on Fritz Lang's "Metropolis":



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Oh, Those Crazy Russians!

I wouldn't normally post a commercial link on my blog but I have to confess to having been practically salivating at this wonderful collection of Fabergé - and related - objects for sale. The reticulated gold picture frame is just incredible!



Not much else to report. I've had to make another two of those "Black Christmas" stars for Goldsmiths' Hall in…


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Essay by Valerie Steele on Gothic Jewellery

I've just been sent this link to an essay by Valerie Steele on "Gothic" Jewellery:


Interesting read.

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Black Christmas

Finished my decoration for the tree in Goldsmiths' Hall in London, "Black Christmas - A Punk Star for Poly Styrene":


Black Christmas - Punk Star for Poly Styrene - 3



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Ding-Dong Merrily On High...

My first inkling of the impending festive season... I've been invited to make a precious decoration for the ACJ show at Goldsmiths' Hall! The Goldsmiths' Hall already have their own line of decorations. Mine will be somewhat different, using some of my beloved sewing-machine needles: 



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Edinburgh Weekend

Time to allow myself the luxury of a weekend in Edinburgh with nothing to do but see some friends and go to the opening of Stephen Bottomley's first retrospective.

I always sleep very well in Edinburgh: I stay with friends and the room in which I sleep overlooks a graveyard! Much needed as the changing clocks, seasons and the travel to and from the US has made my sleeping patterns somewhat messy.



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Last Entry from Chicago and Workshop Update

(I'm just back from a weekend in Edinburgh, which is why there was a hiatus.)



The last day in Chicago was one of pure tourism. I woke up very early and as the show opened at 11 am and my airport  shuttle was at 11.30 am, I thought that a walk around the area to see some more of the city would be in order.



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SOFA Day 3 - Saturday, November 3rd

By Saturday, I had the programme sorted: I wanted to hear the talk about "Mr Imagination" at 4pm, had to meet a friend for lunch at 1pm and knew that I wanted to see a bit more of the city and the amazing architecture of the place. 


A Century Of Architecture


One of the things I love about American city architecture is the way that…


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SOFA Chicago, Day 2

Day 2 - Friday 2nd November

An early start for me today as I wanted to have a look around the area around the hotel, Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" of very expensive brand-name shops. The first people I encountered were these unlikely fellows: 




Chicago has a LOT of homelessness and I was particularly…


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Just got back from the Windy City... SNAG at SOFA Chicago

As I normally say 'no' to Doris Day stereotypes, I apologise for the obvious title to this post!

It is, however, true. I have just arrived home from the thrilling three-day excursion to Chicago for SOFA 2012. It was brilliant, and not at all windy. I am still trying to process it all and the to get round to emailing all the people I need to talk to.…


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