The end of the week. I've finished all my work for the exhibition and have started making the boxes - from old cigar boxes (which I get from a tobacco merchant in Edinburgh, not by smoking!) - for the pieces. Next week, I will be in Brighton to recharge the batteries and to work on an idea which has been obsessing me for quite a while: a box/pendant on the theme of "Cold Genius" based on the ideas from Act III, Scene II of Purcell's opera "King Arthur". For those who are interested, I've posted the aria - "The Song of Cold Genius" - in the music player on my profile.

This has been at the back of my mind for a very long time, and I've never known quite how to tackle it. The breakthrough came last weekend when talking to a good friend in Edinburgh, Jeff Zimmer, who makes medium-scale glass sculptures based on toy theatres:

It struck me that as I am trying to interpret a theatre piece, a small, wearable "theatre" would be the answer. As many of my previous pieces have been box-shaped structures in which ideas are framed, I thought that this would be a fine solution.

With any luck, I will be back from Brighton in 10 days' time, ready to start work.

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