We see such "amazing" offers on TV for incredibly valuable things such as ultrasonic tomato slicers and cleaning agents that will remove cat urine and whiten your teeth. And then so much talk about the new American fugality. We wanted to bring all of this into one easy to own package, so we are making this amazing offer of 2¢ genuine US mint penny earrings. This $39 value can now be yours for only 2¢. Imagine the joy these heirloom pennies will bring to future generations as they learn to pinch pennies for themselves. Act now ! Supplies are limited. Due to this amazing offer we must limit sales to 300 pair per customer. Truth in advertising: We actually tried to post these to our Etsy site for 2¢ and were told NO. Etsy demanded that we put a minimum price of 20¢ on them. Yes, 10 TIMES the actual price. So we are offering an 18¢ rebate for the next 30 years.

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Comment by 2Roses on April 12, 2009 at 12:09pm
Thank you Brigitte. There are many imitators of Honest Abe©2¢™Penny Earrings® some costing as much as 8¢. But you have the satisfaction of owning an original pair at the low, low price of 2¢. That's right, only 1¢ for each earring. Not only do Honest Abe©2¢™Penny Earrings® make perfect gifts for the whole family. Pets love them. This versatile jewelry is both fashionable and has 1000 uses around the house. Use your 2¢ Earrings as a screwdriver, a leveling device for tables and chairs, they can even be used as a replacement fuse. Honest Abe©2¢™Penny Earrings® is the only bling that has the full backing of the U.S mint and guaranteed to be dishwasher safe AND fat free. Don't run out. Order more today!
Comment by Brigitte Martin on April 12, 2009 at 6:40am
Etsy is, like, so unreasonable. At a price like this, who can afford to pass up these little treasures ? I will have a pair. On second thought, they make nice stocking stuffers (always thinking ahead, am I), so please mail me 10. All my slacker nieces and nephews are in desperate need of a reality check.

Oh, and thanks for making these available to the crafthaus membership. A rebate in these hard economic times is always welcome. Your generosity is without compare.


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