From Drawings to Jewelry - An Indiegogo Campaign by Jeweler Linda Kaye-Moses

My name is Linda Kaye-Moses and I have been a maker of art jewelry for forty years. You can check out my jewels at Welcome to my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, “From Drawings to Jewelry”. There is just a single goal for this campaign, a goal to raise $8,000.00, but more about that below. Read on to find out, and to discover how you can personally be a part of my vision.

The Inspiration for This Campaign

Over a decade ago, I began writing a memoir tracing the path I followed to become the artist I am today; the path that allowed me to indulge my passion for making jewelry. This memoir, titled Roots, Stems, and Branches; A Recollection, was originally handwritten and included my hand-drawn, illuminated letters. 

In 2012 it was published in hardcover and paperback a href="" rel="noopener nofollow">> 

Why am I talking about the book, when this project is less about Roots, Stems, and Branches; A Recollection,and more about the drawings within it and the jewelry that grew out of it? Because each section and each chapter in the book began with my own hand drawn, illuminated letters and ended with a drawing using an element from each of those letters, and THESE DRAWINGS DIRECTLY INSPIRED MY JEWELRY AND THIS CAMPAIGN.

How Did Tht Happen and What Happened Next?

Many of my collectors commented that these designs could be re-interpreted as jewelry, as my unruly jewels, although I hadn’t envisioned the drawings in the book for this purpose. (it never even occurred to me). So the idea of translating my drawings into jewelry began to percolate. 

From that moment, I became compelled, destined, and driven to revisit the drawings with this in mind. I selected ten of them (see images below) on which to base the jewelry designs. I became immersed in the process of making this jewelry, and so, after working steadily in my studio for many months, ten pendant neckpieces were created. 

The Pendant Neckpieces

Based on the themes of the chapters from which the drawings were taken, the pendant neckpieces are titled as follows: This Gathering, Summer Breeze, The Gift, Mixed Messages, Syncopator, Walking Through Ancient Lives, A Land Removed, The Way In, Divergence, and Astonishing Vistas

Each of these hand-fabricated jewels is made using Fine (Pure) and Sterling silver, with 14k or 18k gold details. Most are set with gemstones. The Sterling silver chains from which the jewels are suspended, are joined with hand made clasps based on the design of the pendant neckpieces themselves. Each of these pendant neckpieces has been enameled in colors that refer back to the colors of the original drawings. 

And Now Presenting...The Single Goal of the Campaign

Since I haven’t really told you yet, you may have begun to wonder what this campaign is all about. There is only one goal of this campaign. The expense of purchasing the materials and supplies, and then creating these jewels, was substantial. The single goal of this campaign is to help me offset that cost by raising $8,000.00. I’m inviting you to help me do this.

How You Can Help

To encourage you to become a part of this project, I’m offering a range of some very elegant, interesting, and, I hope, irresistible perks for all levels of generosity. Have a look, read through them, and please join me in creating the success of this campaign!

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