Ransom 100 Brooches - A Boris Bally Project


This series of one hundred brooches was humanufactured® of Recycled Aluminum Traffic signs. It was inspired by Jamie Reid -- the Sex Pistols’ graphic designer -- and Rosalie Gascoigne, an Australian collage artist. Each brooch was sold with the stipulation that it had to be photographed by the purchaser while wearing it. This idea arose from conversations I had with my daughter Aila. The rich selfie photos submitted by the participants (listed below) become a quilt, illustrating our diverse community.

The piece is dedicated to my long-time mentor, art connoisseur and critic, author, design fanatic and dear friend, Steven Holt of San Francisco who died in August, a day after he completed his selfie for this project.

Sue Amendolara
Chris Amundsen
Hilary Anderson
Alison Antelman
Curtis Aric
Curtis H. Arima
Nico Bally (Lukas & Camille)
Allison B. Barnett
Lisa Bayne (Andy Astor)
Donna Blais
Lauren Blais
Kristin Beeler
Valda Belyeu
Juleann Benkoski
Sarah Ganz Blythe
Bridgett Bonn-Wagner
Jim Bové
Michelle Boyd
Rob Boyd
Kathleen Browne
Susan Bucknam
Linda Carlson
Esme Choi
Alaina Clarke
Carrie Cleveland
Gary Cohen
Johanna Dahm
Christine Marie Davis
Luiza deCamargo
Kirsten Denbow
Ivy Derderian
Molly Douglass
Bill Durovchic
Cynthia Eid
Dan Ericson
Shepard Fairey
Finn Faulkner
Lili Francuz
Richard Goulis
Randi Harper
Greg Hill
Jon Hill
Dot Hodges
Mara Holt Skov & Steven Skov Holt
Jen Jackson
Wendy Kelsall
Shana Kroiz
Joseph Krzemienski
Joanne Lang
Linda Lankford
Dex Lynch
Kelly Malec-Kosak
Brigitte Martin
Gretchen McLaren
Ursula Ilse-Neuman
Mercer Oldoerp
Julie Papageorge
Michelle Phaneuf & David Rizzolo
Sara Mandel Picard
Wei Lah Poh
Dianne Reilly (Liam & Sophie)
Phil Renato
Elizabeth Renato
Joan Rich
Clay Rockefeller
Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith
Claire Sanford
Linda Savineau
Anna Shapiro
Sam Shaw
Anne Sherfield
Norman Sherfield
Maggie Smith
Matt Smith
Renee Zettle-Sterling
George Summers Jr.
Christie Taylor
Billie Theide
Susan Thornton
Jill Underhill
Judyth vanAmringe
Rimas VisGirda
Ally Weaver
Doug White
Sarah Whorf

I'm so proud to know all of you. THANK YOU!! - Boris

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