Save Money, Avoid Frustration - The Impact of Effective Shipping

Shipping connects our studios to the world.
From jewelry to sculpture, shipping companies to shipping agents, bus, train, truck, and plane, we covered all the  options that you may or may not have considered for the "Ins and Outs of Shipping".

To keep this post on Crafthaus as a convenient resource,
I will update it frequently in the coming weeks with links to handouts, SlideShare PowerPoints from the PDS, resources in the Professional Guidelines and extra shipping information from ASK Harriete.

Check back frequently for more updates. SCROLL DOWN to find the updates!

ASK Harriete Posts

DOCUMENTATION for Shipping: An Easy Step by Step Guide

If Shipping Goes Wrong, It Really Goes Wrong by Brigitte Martin
AVOID SHIPPING DISASTERS like this with careful planning.


International Shipping Issues
Shipping across international borders can be expensive with consequences including your artwork "trapped" in customs, and extra unexpected expenses. Plan ahead with all the proper forms (in quadruplicate). Learn from Andy Cooperman's presentation and the audience.
HANDOUT with International Terms  PDS2012InternationalShippingCooperman.pdf


Nv0012_crateGREAT CRATE Tips

Several of the speakers gave excellent tips for making and using a crate to ship their art or craft. In this post, I am digesting these five great crate tips into one post.

SHIPPING Options for LARGE SCULPTURE - "thinking outside the box"
The cost of shipping large scale work can be prohibitive.  More problems arise when the size of your box or crate exceeds the limitations of standard shipping options like USPS, UPS and FedEx. It can be very stressful, and the shipping solutions aren't all that easy to find on your own.
That is why Kim Cridler"s lecture "Shipping Large Sculpture" is so great.


Tips for Safe Shipping of Jewelry
Do you know how best to protect your jewelry during shipping?

Shipping jewelry, gemstones, or high value items is a specialized shipping scenario. Considerations include insurance limitations by shipping companies, and theft.

Tina Pint of Jeweler's Mutual Insurance Company offers great information about shipping jewelry in her presentation.

Compare USPS to Fed Ex; Outrageous Difference
It cost $67 to ship it by USPS Registered Insured Mail from the San Francisco Bay Area to Arizona.
However, the return shipping by Fed Ex cost $177.26 for the same identical box, with the same artwork, for an identical distance.
That is an outrageous difference.

What should I do? Any ideas.

Learn from my I discuss this with the museum, handle the problem and find out why it happened. 



Art Movement During Shipping is a Problem?

Always plan for the rough & tumble of shipping.Expect your box to be shipped side ways or upside down.






Shipping Comparisons:
Shipping Cost & Insurance with Common Carriers

Have you ever wondered which shipping company is best for shipping your work to an exhibition? Presentation by Loring Taoka.

For the SNAG Professional Development Seminar,
Loring Taoka prepared a short presentation and
a handout for comparing shipping costs. The Shipping Comparison Handout is essential for looking at the cost comparisons.

HORROR STORIES: Packing & Shipping Recommendations for ARTISTS

Leila Hamdan, former Registrar for the National Ornamental Museum and artist gave an informative lecture with lots of essential information for artists and makers.

My favorite quote:

"The way that an artist’s packs their work is a reflection of how they make it."

Essential information from Leila Hamdan:

"Always include your contact information inside the box, so you can be found should the outside label be torn off. And this does happens a lot."



Shipping Planning v.s. Sh*t Happening

Shipping starts when your making your work! If you want your art or craft to travel up state, across the United States or around the world  planning for safe shipping during construction is your first step in planning for shipping. This is especially important if there are large or heavy elements combined with delicate components.



When shipping your one-of-a-kind work, the packing must protect your art or craft!

5 essential criteria for packing on ASK Harriete.


Step-by-Step Powerpoint Tutorial with audio for
Packing One of a Kind Artwork for SHIPPING  from the PDS.




Guide for Custom Shipping Box from the Professional Guidelines

Step-by-Step PDF HANDOUT is 26 MB (give it time to download)

Claims for Damaged Work 
Artist Checklist for making a claim for damaged work.


Condition Report 
One page for documenting your work before shipping







SlideShare Presentations on Shipping

Use these links (below) if you want to download the SlideShare presentation. Consider embedding the presentations in your blog, newsletter or web site. Please feel welcome to share with your arts organization. Let me know if you need help.

Documentation for SHIPPING Art and Craft 
by Harriete Estel Berman

 If Shipping Goes Wrong, It Really Goes Wrong by Brigitte Martin

International Shipping Issues  by Andy Cooperman

Shipping Large Sculpture by Kim Cridler




Insurance Considerations for Safe Shipping of Jewelry
by Tina Pint of Jeweler's Mutual



Shipping Comparisons: Shipping cost and insurance with common carriers by Loring Taoka



Packing One of a Kind Work for Shipping  by Harriete Estel Berman





Custom Shipping Box - Design Your Sculpture for Shipping  by Harriete Estel Berman





HORROR STORIES: Packing & Shipping Recommendations for Artists by Leila Hamdan




All of these presentations were given at the SNAG 2012 Professional Development Seminar druing the annual SNAG Conference.



History about the PDS:

The Professional Development Seminar is organized by Brigitte Martin, Andy Cooperman and myself, Harriete Estel Berman. Three hours of programming occurs every year during the SNAG Conference.  This year's program was focused on "The Ins and Outs of Shipping."

PowerPoints presentations from the past two years and the handouts (from the past seven years) will be  available on the SNAG web site and my Harriete Estel Berman's web site.

Your ideas about future topics are welcome. Contact me anytime. bermaid [at]

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Comment by Harriete Estel Berman on June 21, 2012 at 1:18pm

If you have ideas or questions, please feel welcome to leave a comment.

Currently the PDS Committee is developing our programming for next year. Suggestions are welcome.

Adoption of your suggestion is very dependent on whether this information is covered in past years.Here is the history of all previous years for the PDS.

PDS Seattle 2100

Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Brigitte Martin

         Niche Marketing  
                      Hilary Pfeifer
                      emiko oye

                      Deb Stoner

        Photography In Flux

                      Doug Yaple

                      Christopher Conrad

                      Robert Schreiber

                      Suzanne Ramljak, editor Metalsmith Magazine   

                      Marthe Le Van editor at  Lark Books

                     3 hour program during the  Conference  plus informal lunch discussion.


PDS Houston 2010
   Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

        Bruce Baker Selling strategies

       Not Just Another Pricing Lecture:

             Francesca Vitali, Etsy, alternate materials for jewelry;
             Melissa Borrell

            Guido Schindler,SCHINDLER METALWORKS, blacksmithing,

            Mellisa Borrell

            3 hour program during the Conference plus information lunch discussion.




PDS Philadelphia 2009

          Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

            Revolutionary -          Maximizing the Online Revolution: Websites and Beyond

            Improving Website Performance & Design

                    Marla Johnson Norris from Aristotle Design (

            Using Social Networking and Virtual Communities to Drive Business

                    Marla Johnson Norris from Aristotle Design (

            The Evolving Role of the Gallery in a Virtual World of Commerce

                        Karen Lorene, Facere Jewelry Art Gallery;

                        Patti Bleicher, Gallery Loupe;

                        Whitney Couch, Object Fetish;

                        Sienna Patti, Sienna Gallery;

                        Beth Ann Gerstein, The Society of Arts and Crafts;

                        Ruth Snyderman, Works/ Snyderman Gallery.

                       4 hour program before Conference  plus informal lunch discussion.


PDS Savannah 2008

          CROSSCURRENTS: Navigating Toward New Markets

                        Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

                 Bobby Hansson, Photographer- Improving photographic images.

                 Marthe Le Van, Editor/Author, Lark Books – Images for publication

                 New Directions in Marketing:

                                    Megan Auman, artist/blogger                   

                                    Amy Tavern, artist/blogger

                                    Ivan Barnett, Patina Gallery

                                    Sam Shaw, Shaw Contemporary Jewelry

                                   4 hour program  plus discussion during Open Spaces.



PDS Memphis 2007

          Signature style, material, and methods: the path to success

Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

Signature style, material, and methods: the path to success

Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

                Todd Reed: A Delicate Balance-Establishing Identity Without Typecasting
                Cynthia Eid: Design by Committee-The Challenges and Rewards of Commission Work
                John Medwedeff: The Do's and Don'ts of Architectural Commissions and Public Art

Short Subjects: Artistic Identity
               Suzanne Ramljak, editor of Metalsmith magazine,
               Brooke Marks-Swanson
               Peggy Eng
                 Lola Brooks
              Don Friedlich
Craig Nutt and Dave Kotary: The Insurance Show, CERF
    4 hour program before Conference plus discussion during Open Spaces.



PDS Chicago 2006

Organized by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich

          Deb Karash - Using Your Skills to Pay the Bills  

            Biba Schutz and Terri Logan - How to be a working, not starving artist in the marketplace

            Harriete Estel Berman - Professional Guidelines

            Dennis Nahabetian - Bound to Impress: Using 2.0 Publishing to make your own catalog.

            Doug Bucci – Website Marketing.

            4 hour program before Conference  plus discussion during Open Spaces.


PDS  city 2005 Cleveland, OH "Intersection"

Organized by Don Friedlich

       Mock Jury showing five images

                        Jurors included: Mike Holmes and Elizabeth Shybert - Velvet Da Vinci

          Marketing by the Williamsons

            4 hour program before Conference



PDS  city 2004 St. Petersburg, FL "In Pursuit of Passion"

Organized by Don Friedlich


              Business Accounting by Thomas Mann

            4 hour program before Conference



            PDS San Francisco 2003

            Boris Bally – Momentum and Maintaining a Career in Metalsmithing.

            Andy Cooperman – Brick by Brick: A Balanced Career Aprroach

            Don Friedlich – Studio Multiples

            Alan Revere – Benchwork in the Jewerly Industry

            4 hour program before Conference

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The wide range of expression preferences, design options, materials, and processes has lead within our field to unfavorable misconceptions, misunderstandings and in some cases even outright disdain between artists. Can the metal and jewelry field overcome its division and send out a much-needed signal?

We appreciate and respect our historical past and acknowledge that current materials have a rightful place in jewelry/object making!

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