The Miracle Cure for Absolutely Everything!

Presenting a brand new collection

The Miracle Cure for Absolutely Everything!


This unisex collection consists of studs and pin brooches and comes in a variety of finishes including silver, gold plating and powder coating.

So far I have had a really good reception to them, they were chosen to be exhibited at the launch of the brand new Goldsmiths' Centre in London and are currently on display in 'out of thin AIR' at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham.

The plan is to have loads of them curing everything and anything, so there is something for everyone. I have been collecting suggestions from my twitter (@dr_grace_page), website ( and blog ( So far I have:

boredom, smoking, bad hair days, social awkwardness, facebook addiction, hangovers, sneezing, coffee addiction, tea addiction, rainy days, commuting, lateness, the common cold, man flu, procrastination, sarcasm, losing the remote, retirement, driving tests, the meaning of life, odd socks, twitter addiction, world peace and dieting.

What problems do you have? What would your days be better without? Please have a think about your life and your friends and family and suggest any cures that you would like to see. All ideas welcome and greatly appreciated!

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