Many people have hydraulic presses but don't fully realize all the useful things you can do with these versatile tools. For precision juicing its hard to beat a hydraulic press. 4000lbs pressure is sufficient for most fruit.

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Tired of listening to your customers' complaints ? Is the hum of the shop vac driving you nuts ? Are all these hours spent bent over bright, shiny objects giving you a headache ?
Well: FRET NO MORE. Now YOU TOO can have the income and respect you deserve. Your spouse will again look at you in awe. Your teenage kids will whisper in reverence, your boss will bring you that skim-latte-with-splenda-and-extra-cinnamon every morning, and that nosy neighbor will have something to finally really be jealous about, because YOU are about to change your life. For the better. Forever. And it is so easy, so simple, you will wonder why it hasn't occurred to you before: DO-IT-YOURSELF-DENTISTRY is the simple, easy way to make better use of all your drills and equipment, and you will better your community at the same time. You will be a pillar of society, and have the extra income you always wanted. Why should your dentist go on that 3rd annual cruise, and drive that Porsche, when it is really YOU who deserves a break for once. So, don't waste any more money on fancy degrees (MFA - SCHMFA, I say,) or spend time sitting around dusty workrooms. You too can have the life you deserve, and best of all, you can do this with what you already have sitting around your workshop. So there is no money to pay for yet another expensive piece of equipment, and
absolutely no fees for fancypants websites. Let your customers sit back, and relax to the mesmerizing hum of your drill. And you will roll in the cash. After all, how hard can this really be. It's not like you'd have to go to med school, or something.

Excellent idea Brigitte! We have been doing this for quite some time. When our dentist suggested that we get an electric toothbrush we were shocked at the cost. But we quickly realized that our PowerGraver fitted with a toothbrush would do the same thing. Viola! Now its just a quick tool change in the morning and we never have to leave the studio. As an added bonus we discovered that the engraving tools do a bang-up job of removing plaque too. Takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it though.

You know, maybe I need the Foredom. My dentist suggested a power toothbrush also. I've gone back to the old fashioned brush in the hand because I didn't get the hang of it soon enough to save a crown. Good luck with this. :)
300 grit wet / dry sandpaper works well to take off the rough edges on those little chips you can get on your front teeth...and I've sat at my work table, taking care of my fingernail cuticles with my cloisonne tweezers and metal scribe... :)
My bad - it's 400 grit sandpaper that is good for DIY dentistry...
Boy - Am I glad you made that correction re. the sandpaper. That came in just in time !! Details, details. The devil is in the details.

Well, if that enamelling gig doesn't work out for you, I think, you might have a bright future in D-I-Y dentistry ahead of you, young man.
Who has time for teeth cleaning I'm busy juicing!
I LOVE how you juice oranges! Brilliant idea!
These bench tricks are all very helpful. However, I must put a damper on all of this ingenuity. Keep in mind the legal, i.e. liability issues that are involved. In both the written and photographic descriptions here no mention is made of the need to WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES. Remember, accessories are so important.
Secondly, don't try this at home. These activities should only be attempted in the Studio. This is another piece of common sense legal advice often neglected. If your studio is at home well then...I guess you could have a responsible adult present. Just make sure that you provide them with an extra pair of safety glasses.
Thanks Tom. You can never be too careful, and we did overlook the legal disclaimers. We often find ourselves expressly challenged when pressed to find a responsible adult to supervise our activities. Under these circumstances we find comfort in wearing two sets of safety glasses for double protection.


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