Online Exhibitions on Resumés: How to Record and How They Are Perceived

I'm wondering how to go about recording an online exhibition (like, say, Birdhaus) on a resumé or curriculum vitae. Do they get their own section separate from real-life exhibitions? While awesome for sharing our ideas within our community, how professionally valid are online exhibitions currently?

Okay go!

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Interesting question. I would start posting participation in online exhibitions right along participation in 'real-life' shows, no need to differentiate or add a separate category for this. The reason I am saying that is that I believe we will see a lot more of these online exhibitions coming to a variety of websites in the future. For obvious reasons.

Call it a necessicity stemming from these "tough economic times" (what a lame, overused phrase that has become already) combined with the continued need to exhibit one's work, and you have your venue right in front of you.

In general, as is true with "real life" shows, the key will be WHERE you show = credibility of the curator and the venue. Does the venue make sense for you and your work ? If so, then that will look "valid" on a cv. I cannot see any harm in it at all.

I personally would look at it more from a PR perspective, really. It is an easy, uncomplicated and foremost inexpensive way to get the word out about your work in an real unobtrusive way. Kind of like waving your arms around saying "Look at me !!", albeit more dignified. Hopefully.
Brigitte, we would take exception with the use of the phrase "real life" to differentiate exhibitions displayed in a physical gallery versus exhibitions displayed online. Of course, this simply points out that we don't yet have a common vocabulary for the relatively new venue of online exhibitions. To address Stephanie's question, we have seen online exhibitions listed on artitst's CVs for several years now. As to the relative "gravitas" of an online exhibition versus a physical gallery - consider that an online exhibition is very likely to expose an artist's work to a far larger audience than will ever walk into a gallery. Brigitte makes the point, its about the venue and the curator. We were invited into the Victoria & Albert Museum's permanent online exhibition. We'll take that any day over a temporary show in a gallery.
Online exhibitions will grow in scope and frequency to become THE dominant form of art exhibition. Every major art institution and gallery worth note already is doing this. That does not mean that galleries are a dead marketing channel or that no one will go to a museum. It means that online exhibitions will be a catalyst to broaden and expand those venues. The train has already left the station. The only question is are you on-board.
Hi Stephanie,

I agree with what Brigitte and 2Roses have already stated. I see online exhibitions as another way to distribute your work to the masses. They are not a replacement for gallery or museum shows, but a compliment to them. You will also see more many galleries posting images of every work featured in a show on their website. Check out Velvet da VInci Gallery and Ornamentum Gallery for perfect examples of this.

As far as getting into online shows, I can't stress the importance of tags, tags, tags. When I was curating the Stick it to 'em-Pins behaving badly show, I did a Crafthaus search for pins and brooches. Out of the several thousand images on this network, less than 200 images popped up from a pin search and only slightly more from a brooch search. When you post your images be sure to include EVERY possible word that could describe your work. As much as I would enjoy viewing each of the 9,703 photos currently on Crafthaus, my eyes would glaze over and would head would start to hurt after viewing the first 1000 or so. Plus, I just don't have that kind of time.

Anyway as far as how to list an online show on your resume, just include it within your group or solo show catagorey and include the website where the show can be found.
I was thinking the same thing but then decided to just go for it.

But what is the "right way" in listing it?

I currently have my online shows under exhibits and publication (I dont have that many things under my belt yet, thus the exhibits+print together). I list them like so:

2009 Stick It To 'em: Pins Behaving Badly
Curated by Michelle Pajak-Reynolds
Crafthaus Online Exhibit

Is this ok or is there a better way?
I would add the link to that exhibit listing as well. The crafthaus online exhibits will stay on the site even after their official time is over.
Cool! I didn't know they will stay up after their time. That's what I get for not noticing they are groups...


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