Flash! The news from SOFA this year confirms that genitals are the new gems for 2011. Scrotums and cocks abound as Fashionistas have ample selection of these objects to festoon their wardrobes. Imaginary buyers: “Oh, Susan, those dicks go perfectly with that blue dress”.  Not to mention, nothing says masculine style and taste like a large penis draped across the lapel.

Now, we like to think of ourselves as cosmopolitan, but we were SHOCKED…at the stiff prices these ornamental genitals command. Yes, they are well-crafted cocks, and we don’t mean to demean all the hand-work lavished on each one. But, Mr. Peters peters aren’t proprietary, and that exposes an opportunity for the DIY community to get in the game.  Do It Yourself Penis Jewelry is a natural extension of the capabilities already possessed by many in the artistic community. We feel a massive unleashing of creativity is upon us.

And yet, we fear that the feminist arts may be bringing up the rear of this movement. There is a gaping hole represented by the absence of vaginas within the milieu of wearable genitalia. Does this represent gender bias within the field of craft, or something more deeply penetrating and sinister?

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DAMMIT! I wish I could find the slide of my 1st repousee piece I did in college back in the early 90s. It was a rendering of the labia in silver with a gemstone clitoris titled, Her Family Jewels. I'm thinking that Rudt is stuck in early 90s somehow with this work.
I already own a vagina. I would definitely choose a cock if I wanted to sport gem genitalia on my décolleté.
I think there are times when we over-think, over-debate, over-analyze what we think an artist's vision or intent is. Sometime people just make things because they want to make things. I don't think everything has to have some great philosophy or vision behind it. I don't know anything about the artist who made this piece, or why he made it... But why does there have to be a reason? Maybe he just felt like making a penis that day... Is it really that remarkable? Does it really have to mean anything at all if someone wants to wear a penis around their neck? Shouldn't we focus more on the composition of the piece? Is it good design? Is it balanced? Does it have good craftsmanship? etc. I think these things matter more than subject matter.

Agreed. Sometimes a cock is just a cigar.

Apparently all my wide onion domes and upside down triangles are just too subtle for the art world. ;-)
Seriously, no one ever notices, but... 


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