I've uploaded some new images of my work for your viewing pleasure. I would love feedback so let me know what you think.

Specifically I am really interested in what people think of the hair piece as I am looking into both the burden and beauty of long hair on women.

As a woman or man:
What is your perception of long hair on women? Do you prefer it? As a woman do you feel your long hair is a security blanket, or do you feel you would lose your femininity if you cut it off? Do you have any stories about cutting your own hair or having it cut? Does the necklace give you a creepy feeling? If it does why do you think that is? Do you consider hair to be repulsive once it is off the body, or is it as beautiful off the body as when it is on the body?

Any insights are welcome on my hair necklace or other pieces.

Thank you for your time, enjoy!


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This posting is in response to Victoria Lanford's thoughts:
I love your thoughts on people badgering you to donate hair! You may have seen others post here that women asked them to donate their hair as well, and it is so foreign to me! I'd never heard or thought of the prospect (at least of someone trying to convince someone else to donate their hair). I totally agree that it's similar to asking someone to donate organs. I am always amazed at the ease people tell or even order others to control their appearance the way they see fit. Especially when it's almost always based on the social norm. I believe in giving people advice, but based on the wishes, concerns or personal attributes of the person I am conversing with, not my own idea of what is right for them.

I have often thought, speaking with pregnant women, about how their bodies must suddenly become public property and you must feel like you cease to exist as everyone talks about your belly and it's contents. Can you tell I have no children yet? Haha. I hate how women seem to disappear to others once they have children, everyone cooing and cahing over their babies, completely ignoring the mother. But maybe I am being too cynical, its probably not really like that from inside the experience (I am purely looking from outside).

So nice that you see your long hair as your own self acceptance. I felt that way when I cut mine short. I remember my prof asking, 'how does it feel' and I said 'like me'. And I didn’t' realize how true it was until I spoke it. I felt like I could see my face, and just be me , rather than my hair. So nice that we found the same feeling with opposite styles. :)

Thanks so much for your thoughts. Maybe long hair will come back in style and hair farmers will stop harassing you! :)

Interesting questions, and pieces!

For many years I had long brown hair that reached my mid-to-low back on a pretty frequent basis. I didn't view it as a security blanket. If anything it became too much of a burden. At that length, due to how much bloody hair my head produces, it was impossible to fully dry it or really do much beyond put it back in a ponytail. Cutting it off was remarkably freeing!

I alternate between extremely long and very short every couple of years. In it's current form it's very short, messy and usually an obnoxious orange or bright yellow-orange. I've been acting more bold, firey and outspoken than ever before and the hair is likely an extension of that overall desire. I love the line on the neck that is visible when my hair is short. While that line still exists when I have longer hair, I always feel like it becomes more subdued. The flip side being that with longer hair, I'm able to do things like thread neat objects into it. I'm leaning back towards the longer hair again when this fall rolls around, more for a change of pace than anything else.

I'm not at all repulsed by my hair once it's been cut off. It's a really interesting bit of myself and if anything I'm a little sad to part with it rather than make use of it. I typically have it packaged up and sent along to Locks of Love though, so I know it'll be used one way or another.
Hi Rickson. I have very short hair. I am 6 feet tall with a curvy figure. I go back and forth between super short pixie haircut and a blunt cut bob. Truthfully, I feel much more feminine with the super short hair. I can show off lovely earrings and I have many pairs of cool progressive glasses. The short hair allows me the opportunity to wear super feminine clothes, and still keep the balance. Being tall, it is hard to pull off a super girly look without it looking inappropriately young. There has to be something in the look that is clean and polished, and my hair provides that.

As for long hair, I think it is a luxury. I think it is beautiful when the woman takes care of it, brushes it, gets regular trims, takes pride in its health and beauty. I think it is a travesty when women just let their hear grow and grow, and let it get stringy and split ends, or always wear it in a long braid or sloppy ponytail. I actually think this is way to the opposite side of feminine. I also think it is lazy. I think we should put the same kind of effort and attention into taking care of ourselves, in all respects, that we put into the the thought and craftsmanship in our artistic work. Even if a woman never leaves her house, just staying in the studio most of the time, I still feel she should take care of her hair and at least get trims...at least brush it and pull it back in a tidy way.

When I had long hair, I loved it. But I was unable to keep it healthy at a long length. My hair like to break off. I think beautiful long hair is like a crown of glory. And if a woman has nice healthy long hair, she should never cut it off.

As for the hair jewelry, I am willing to wear hair jewelry as long as the ends aren't exposed. I thought long and hard about this. I have no explanation as to why I feel this way. But the thought of the ends being loose and free kind of gives me the same gag reflex that pulling hair out of a sink drain does. I totally support the use of hair in design, and appreciate its use if it creates the realization of the artist's vision. I can like a piece on someone else, but I think the concept of clumps of hair takes me too close to the drain thing.

This is a very interesting topic to me. I have really enjoyed hearing everyone's personal story. Our hair is such a part of us, and an outward expression of ourselves. I am a little shocked at the views and opinions I have, and how strongly I have them. I really took some time to think about this before posting, so my thoughts are truly honest.

Cheers, Dawn


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