On Wednesday, May 20 the Professional Development will open a discussion about the future of galleries in the virtual role of commerce. This is an opportunity to openly discuss issues between galleries and artists that usually people just discuss behind closed doors.

Our speakers include Karen Lorene, Facere Jewelry Art Gallery; Patti Bleicher, Gallery Loupe; Whitney Couch, Object Fetish; Sienna Patti, Sienna Gallery; Beth Ann Gerstein, The Society of Arts and Crafts; and Ruth Snyderman, Works/ Snyderman Gallery.

Moderators are the PDS organizers: Andy Cooperman, Don Friedlich, Ken Bova and Harriete Estel Berman.

Your questions are wanted at the Professional Development Seminar or if you prefer, submit your questions in advance as a comment in this discussion.

We will start with the questions listed below.
Hope you can attend. The afternoon four hours of programing is open to all artists in all media.
$10.00 pre-registration ; $15.00 at the door.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 20, 2009
TIME: 2:00 - 6:00 PM
WHERE: The Loews Philadelphia Hotel (Conference Hotel)
Commonwealth Rooms C & D
1200 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pre-REGISTER online at: http://www.snagmetalsmith.org/image/homepage/signup/.docs/pg/10034 CLICK ON EXTRAS

For more information: www.snagmetalsmith.org/Events/Professional_Development_Seminar/

"How do galleries see their role in a world that is rapidly moving from the “brick and mortar” storefront to the glowing computer monitor?
What unique services can and do galleries provide?
How will artists sell their work comfortably in both worlds?
These issues will be examined from the perspectives of the gallery, the artist, and the collector.

Be sure to take part in this dynamic and frank discussion.

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Well Harriete, the silence in here is so deafening we can almost hear the echo of our own keystrokes as we type this. Is it safe to assume that no artists have ANY questions for the people that are their sales partners and major distribution network? Or perhaps we are assuming too much that artists feel safe in asking questions of galleries in public. We noticed a post in another forum that raised the question of retribution galleries might take against artists who sold on Etsy. They failed to notice that Etsy is very publicly sponsoring the Professional Development Seminar.
There is a long-standing adversarial relationship between many artists and galleries that is fomented in a high degree of unprofessional behavior on both sides. This bad business is practiced equally by the highest level galleries and artists who should know better all the way down to the novices.

We are the first to proclaim that there are some very professional galleries and artists out there. They are a rarity, not the norm. We can all learn from them. Ooops! We just remembered...NOBODY is teaching this stuff.
We would like to see a "Galleries and Artists Best Practices" guideline, developed with input from all stakeholders. To be sure, there are lots of independent bits and pieces of this information floating about. But does SNAG have a role to play here? We think so. SNAG is the unifying neutral foundation on which a Best Practices Guideline could be built - should be built. Such a document could go a long way in creating a benchmark for professional conduct and demystifying the process for everyone involved.
Thank you 2 Roses for the comment. Very insightful as usual.

Yes, Etsy is a sponsor for the Professional Development Seminar.
Yes, there will be galleries in our panel discussing some of these issues.

As far as a "Galleries and Artists Best Practices" guide in the Professional Guidelines...
I will take the suggest and keep it as a future goal, in the meantime, people can use the Model Consignment Contract which has many suggestions. Also the Artist Checklist.
Here are two links to find these documents.


IF you have any questions about your professional practices submit them to:
ASK Harriete

If you have any questions that you would like to ask galleries at the Professional Development Seminar you may submit them in advance to harriete at: bermaid@harriete-estel-berman.info or at the PDS.


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