Welcome to the first Proudly Canadian Artist Feature.

Her work looks like the children of a magician, and she has a talent for connecting talented artists in the Handmade Division. 

From BC, I give you Andes Cruz



 Tell us a bit about yourself:

            Just a gal with a torch, some hammers, 4 cats, a couple Mac computers, a motorbike, a banjo, some skis, and a mountain bike, living joyfully in the backwoods mountains of Canada.
• I am creative, and think outside the box. 
• I love working with metals. ( all metals, all ways)
• When I make things, I like to do it to the best of my ability
• I love to learn, and get better at what I do. Always. 
• I will always pick up rocks and put them in my pockets

• I am left handed, but ambidextrous
• Telling me “you can’t do that” means I will try harder to do it. And, I will. 
• My Cowboy Action Shooting name is “Hands Up Kate”
• I once competed in Freestyle Skiing
• I have cats (several.) and yes, I talk to them.....
• I am a Complete Computer Geek and FanGirl (that means I love all things Apple, and only Apple)
• I need music. My life requires a soundtrack
• I like tattoos. They are a unique personal expression, and can be a history, and a story for a person.  
• I wish my eyes were aqua
• My favourite colors are aqua, silver, lime green, black
• I like techy toys. Newest everything – cameras, computers, tv’s software, gear. Technology makes me happy :)
• Winter is my favourite season, followed by the crispness of autumn
• I love art – seeing, making, participating.
• I am a down to earth, open, honest person.
• I am also an insanely private, and solitary person
• I am not like most people you will meet.


What do you like to do when you are not creating things?

• I love to read and write

• I like to take pictures, and always have at LEAST 2 cameras with me at all times....

• I am learning to play the banjo, and the fiddle (though barely)

• I ride a motorbike

• I like to play outside: ski, snowboard, bike, hike, climb, kayak....

• I love to garden

• I do yoga


What gets you excited about creating new work?

Many things..... Music. Art. Scenery. Ideas. Technology. Colour. Feelings. Emotions. Movies. Conversation. Dreams. Daydreaming?....


Have you ever collaborated with another artist?

                No. Not yet, But I look forward to doing so. 

You should check out 'Co:Operation Tableware' and get involved.


What's your favourite material/process?

Metal. :) Followed by "rock". I wouldn't say I have a favourite process. I like building things with my hands, in many ways. 


Who has influenced you artistically?

                Phil Poirier, and Charles Lewton-Brain; in the respect that they both work from a place of expansion. Always learning new things, trying new techniques, pushing the boundaries of today's jewellery technology and techniques. They are not bound by the "old code" of "this is how it's always been done". They inspire me in that, they look at creating (and tools) with fresh eyes. 


Show us one of your favourite pieces you've created:




What's your favourite tool and why?

Thats a hard one. I guess.... my torch, because it can bring about such transformation to metal, and my projects. Without the ability to solder, or melt, my work would be very very different. 


Do you have any new projects on the go?

Of course! I am working on a new line called "Techno - Res", as well as a line inspired by the old west and cowboys; as well as developing a new line of work incorporating resin. Also working on a new line of enamelled work... And more.....


List your two fav books, song/music artists, movies, and websites besides Crafthaus.

movies: The Matrix, Avatar

Books: The body - William A Ewing, Journey into Power - Baron Baptiste

websites: www.Momentile.com, www.Tumblr.com


What advice would you give to other artists?

Focus on finding your own Voice. That which makes you unique. Your creative edge. The thing that makes the work Yours.  Filter what inspires you thru your very own creative lenses, let it flow thru your hand, and become uniquely yours. Your voice is like your signature- because it only comes naturally to you, the creator. So be Unique. Don’t do what everyone else does. Don’t blend in. Step out. Finding your unique Voice will set you apart. Trust that, when you create what really is within you, it transmutes within your works, and shines out to your audience. You will set yourself apart; and trust that this is good. There will be people who Love your work; specifically because it is unique, and different, and is a true piece of art within itself. It carries your essence in it. If you are uninspired in your creations, people will feel this energy. So find the place of inspiration, and make your creations Your Own. And do it with the best skills you can execute, always. Don’t cut corners, or skimp on supplies. It doesn’t do you good, it hurts you. Do it right The first time.

Keep it moving. Grow, change. Learn new skills, and techniques.

Hone your skills. Be the best you can. Then. go learn some more. Get better. Add new, and different skills. Keep learning, and advancing.

(Listen to Andes on this, she knows what she is talking about!):

Use social media to network. Today is all about connectivity, and internet relationships. 

Take really awesome photos of your work.


Always treat your customers and would be customers with the upmost respect. Answer all question, and reply in a timely, polite manner. Nothing will turn someone away faster than you not replying for a week to an email, or doing so rudely, or not at all. Your customers make you successful, and allow you to create - so always put them at the top of the list. Great customer service, with excellent creations, will create the magic of repeat collectors for you. This is a very good thing :)  Thanks Andes!


~ Andes Cruz Designs~

Andes Cruz Designs Website: http://www.andescruzdesigns.com
Etsy Shop: http://www.andescruz.etsy.com
Etsy Shop #2: http://www.AndesCruzColours.etsy.com
Blog: http://andescruz.wordpress.com/
Paw Tracks Blog: http://365felines.wordpress.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AndesCruzDesign
Flickr Foto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andescruz/
Andes Cruz Designs FaceBook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/AndesCruzDesigns
Tumblr: http://andescruz.tumblr.com/

Momentile foto: http://momentile.com/andescruz
LinkedIn Network: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andescruz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/andescruz
email: info { at @ at } andescruzdesigns { dot } com 


Thanks Andes!


(Want to be the next Proudly Canadian Featured Artist. Send me image samples of your work: RicksonJewellery@yahoo.ca)

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oh, this paints such a gorgeous picture of you Andes....exactly how you come across!
Congrats! a lovely interview, Rickson!
Well done, Rickson and Andes !
Fascinating. Thank you for posting !
Great interview Andes :-) Very interesting!
In a way we are quite a like - I would love to collaborate with you - whenever..... I love challenges !


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