Project #6: The Mother Load

Project #6: The Mother Load

Approximate Start and End Dates:  July 2010- December 2015
Location of Project: Currently the project is exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art at the Center for Creative Connections and will travel to Tel-Avi, Israel in 2015.

We are requesting funding from Crafthaus to support The Mother Load project.

In short, The Mother Load is and ongoing collaborative project that addresses what it is to be a professional artist and mother. Through a network of women from across the globe, we have created a platform to collect, record, and document on the topic of motherhood and art. This project is a resource for connecting professional artists who are mothers at Through the words and work of women from across the globe, this project explores the challenges of nurturing your life and your art. Asking, how do you find balance?
The Mother Load began in December 2012, with a hand full of artists and now has over 80 artists from 10 countries.
From September 2014 to March 2015, the Dallas Museum of Art’s Center for Creative Connections (C3) will host the inaugural exhibition of The Mother Load. We are continuing to work on additional venues to travel the exhibition to Israel and Australia, in order for this to happen we need YOUR help!
Projected Expenses: We anticipate these project expenses to grow as we continue to promote this project and network with more artists to include in the DMA exhibition (we will add to the installation as new artists contribute). Currently, we are self-funding this project.

As we continue to grow The Mother Load with artists across the globe, we continue to incur expenses related to:
a.    Website maintenance and updates
b.    Postage, national and international
c.     Material costs of Copper and concrete mixing materials
d.    Travel funds to research with Shira Richter in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with the possibility of hosting a second exhibition of The Mother Load in Israel (these plans have been in the works but held up because of the war)

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