Project #7: The Beauty of Old Texture

Project #7: The Beauty of Old Texture

Approximate Start and End Dates:  01/02/2014~01/03/2014

Location: Taiwan

What exactly do you propose to do as a project?

I want to make pieces wearable, because I think as a jewellery, to react with people and reflect to audiences are important. 

Is it a jewelry project? If so, what type piece(s) are you going to make from what materials?

I want to use plaster to present my work, because the texture of plaster is matte and cold, and easy to shape.

Also I used plaster to show the texture of old wall when I studied MA.

This time I want to present the feeling of peel off and only use colour white, because colour white is make people feel calm pure and silence.
I use tissue to made a model to present the wrinkle, and I like white colour to show the pure and it would make people to concentrate on those detail of it.

What processes are you going to employ?
I will do it by myself.

What is the background of your project idea and why are you doing this?

Nowadays, people try science and technology to escape from becoming old, ignore those beautiful details behind the old thing.

What is the goal of your project? What are you trying to achieve?
My goal of my project will be 20 pieces, and I want to combine visual effect to show the peeling, present the work on more complete way. 

Where will you be spending the money on if you receive the grant?
If I receive the grant I will spend the money on the material, and if possible I want to send it to the galleries around the world.

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