Chen Cheng

Chen Cheng believes that contemporary jewellery is interactive because it demands a response, which can either be physical or emotional. Through kinetic movement and visual interaction, her work is designed to be explored.
“My pieces invoke play. A relationship between movement and Illusion pattern when the moveable element is moved by a wearer”.
Combining her own aesthetic and working style, Chen has taken inspiration from shapes and moving modes found in the human eyes. Applying this motion to express the mystique and magical forms of the Moire effect was the key determining process in her jewellery design. In addition, the work Physichromie No. 113 and aided by the artist Carlos Cruz-Diez provided inspiration for Chen due to the illusion concept in the design process.
Using sublimation and simple PVC shapes to create the minimal forms allows the audience to pay close attention to the movement of the pattern. Akin to movement, each piece’s “performance” holds its own surprise in style and character.
Chen hopes that through a deeper appreciation of such interaction, jewellery can be better understood and more people would be able to appreciate the different expressions and styles of contemporary jewellery. 


Acrylic, PVC

10*13*8(cm), 2017


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