Jiangfei Yan

I have always been interested in films as long as I can remember. This stems back to my experience as an undergraduate student in China. However, the ideas I explore in my collection started with a particular film, Black Swan. I was fascinated by the way the film compares birds with humans, both contained and protected by feathers or skin. At the same time, I am interested in the lines suggested by movement. I began by creating series of photographs in low shutter speed to capture the movement of birds flying and people dancing. My designs are the result of an exploration of texture, as the one of human skin or feathers, and line as a representation of motion. The choice of materials is both conceptual and aesthetic. I combine real feathers, which I re-shape, and structure, with acrylic pieces covered by photographs. I draw from the visual qualities of these elements, creating pieces in light pink or neutral colours to resemble both birds and skin tones. Simplicity, softness and subtleness are aspects of my work that are also important to me.


Feathers, acrylic

8*8*2(cm), 2017



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