Maral Mamaghanizadeh

Drawing on my own roots as an Iranian woman, and my interest in feminism, I explored the issue of the hijab [veil]. As a woman in Iran you are not allowed to uncover your hair, talk about feminism or sexuality as these are forbidden matters. Looking at this problem from outside, and understanding the equality of men and women suggested that hair as a material, could represent the long term political struggle that existed in my country. I explored this conceptually by creating a series of brooches with my own and other friends’ hair. The brooch symbolizes our own individual characters and personality coming together, and the stories that we, as women, reflect upon.
Moreover, the shape of the coconut shell resembles women’s breasts. This part of a woman’s body, therefore challenges most of us from Iran in wearing it, because of the uncomfortable connotations relating to our culture.



10*10*5(cm), 2017


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