Yi Guo

Yi Guo’s recent work explores the puzzling infinity of time. She understands jewellery as a game, a metaphor of the unpredictable and unlimited changes of life. She sees her work as a document that records time and traces of life by audience encounter.
A series of works arrange with layers of elements, her making process reflects on this idea of trace and time. She creates her pieces by adding layers of different materials found in different times and environments. She took photo while traveling and collected found images from newspaper combine with a range of materials such as Tin Plated Steel, Gold Foil, Ink, Vinyl and Fabric, etc. Through a series of experiments and research, she transforms and reinterprets her findings, creating work that blurs the distinction and crosses the line between jewellery, object, sculpture and installation.
The artist draws inspiration from a multiplicity of sources. Myths, poetry, astronomical calendars, architecture exterior and also the urban palimpsests she finds on city walls. Fascinated by theories on time, Eva creates interactive jewellery pieces that aim at representing her idea of an eternal circle. She invites the audience to stand in the present while imagining the future and looking at the past.


Tin Plated Steel, Gold Foil, Ink, Vinyl, Fabric

4*4*2(cm), 2017


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