This is the fifth Artist Spotlight that will feature artists participating in the Invisible:VisAble exhibition. Every couple of weeks I will introduce you to one of the participants, give a little information about them, and include some insights they provide me with about their art, challenge(s), what they are working on...I have left it up to the artists what they would like to include! Please do leave comments; we would love to hear what you have to offer! 

Time & weight are two factors that I did not have to consider not so long ago.  Daily reminders of weight constraints fly frequently in my thoughts as does time.  Heavily burdened by the impact of weight and time have altered not only my studio practice but also my life, forever. Not being able to carry, move or lift over 15 pounds means that I cannot personally lift heavy materials. Good-bye days of working with 275-pound stones, so long days of working with heavy materials and not to mention picking up a box that needs to be moved, see you later days of working for 8 hours.  Additionally, the act of sitting too long, typing on the computer or stitching, cutting, felting, screen-printing, crocheting, knitting or any other tedious act creates terrible pain in my neck and shoulders. Stretching, ice, heat, traction, physical therapy; repeat as necessary.  Needless to say the combination of these constant aggravations has changed what materials I work with and the processes I choose to make work. 


Through determination, a positive attitude and with loving family support, I have learned to work with these adaptations to keep on making work and living my life.  Adapting my studio practice and how I work has given me challenges that I have hopefully overcome, but ultimately know that working as I once lived will never be again.

(Images of work in progress. Final dimensions not determined at this time)

Adaptive Rituals has been the focus of my most recent body of work.

The work in Adaptive Rituals have helped me alter my studio practice by incorporating and learning from my limitations, as they are now a part of my daily life. Using lightweight materials to create multiples has given me a way to work around weight and scale when creating an installation. The repetitious act of making and re-making of objects during the creation of work is not an end but rather a place of discovery and understanding. This space allows for a stronger understanding of rituals. The significance of making or un-making of each piece, my ritual, is often seen as a sign of grief or mourning; mourning of past abilities.


The work that I am creating for Invisible:VisAble has been therapeutic and rewarding as I often do not discuss my limitations with most people. The repetition of smaller pieces to create a whole, video, time and weight all blend together for this exhibition.  Focusing on rituals and adapting physical limitations in my daily life, the works made for this exhibition have become a part of a larger exploration. This infinite sense of discovery and hopefully the act of play is what keeps my sense of curiosity and wonder quenched.




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