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I am so inspired by the level of work in this show.  I must have said WOW  a hunred times looking through the photos.  I can't wait to see the rest!  Congrats to everyone.  This is truly an amazing show of creativity.

Housekeeping note:


Everyone - if you are part of the exhibition AND you want to be included in the catalog benefitting CERF, you MUST send your $15 design fee per the instructions below.  If you have not done this, the deadline is April 23rd (this Saturday). 


Those who have been accepted into the show should make their payment for the production of the catalog to Sam Cangelosi.  Please make the payment through Pay Pal.  When you sign onto Pay Pal you will enter his email address, to make the payment to him.  Just so we are clear and there is no misunderstanding, the $15 is to pay for the design cost of producing the catalog and does not go toward purchasing a catalog.  When the catalog is completed we will announce where the catalog can be purchased.  The way we have it set up is ALL proceeds from catalog sales go to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.  So from the very first catalog purchased, CERF is benefiting!

Christine, Paypal just sent back my payment. Can I repost it?

Zahava - I apologize for the late response - I was in a class all weekend.  Sure, try re-sending your money via Paypal.  Or will you be at the conference?  If you will be at the conference, we can work out something else.  Thanks!


When will we get the hard copy?



Hi Lorrene - You need to order the catalog here:

The $15 paid earlier was to cover the designer's costs.



Hey guys,  I am trying to put together all the information for the catalog and a lot of you didn't include your city and state/country on your entry form.  Probably the easiest way to get me the info is to email me.  So please email me asap at






The time is getting close for the publication of the catalogue and Part Two of the online exhibition, and I'm getting very excited about both. Any chance that you have a date for the availability of the catalogue and for the posting of Part Two, Susan or Christine?




Hi Linda,

I am sorry this response has taken so long - I was hoping to have definitive dates for both. 

For the second part of the online exhibition - that will be featured on Crafthaus beginning July 17th.  However, I will have it put together and live probably a week prior to that.  I promise I will let you all know when it is ready to be viewed.  I was just sorting through the pictures the other day - I'm so excited for you to see the rest of the exhibition!

For the catalog, I do not have a definitive date yet.  The designer is putting the final touches on the proof - we should have it any day now so we can begin editing it before sending it to the printer.  I will post an update here when we have the proof - that way you know we are getting close. 

Once it goes to the printer, we want to get one finalized, printed copy to look at so we can make sure it all looks the way we want it to look.  Assuming all is correct, we'll send everyone over to where you can place your order directly with the printer.  It will take the printer about 5 days to print your copy and then shipping time is whatever you choose it to be.

That's my update for now - again, I will post on here when we get the proof and start doing more active updates so you can follow the progress.


Christine: For those of us going to the conference, can you purchase our copies there, or do we still need to purchase thru the printer?



Hi Sheila,

Unfortunately we will not have spare copies at the conference.  The logistics of it didn't work out so everyone will need to order direct through the printer.


Hey guys, we are up to the proof stage!  So we just have to finish a couple of things to put this puppy to bed.  I received the list of artists who have paid and I have that 10 artists have not paid.  I have asked Sam to go back and review his list before I contact individual artists.  But we don't have much time.  If you have forgotten to pay, please do so immediately or you might get dropped from the catalog.  We will be sending out a reminder note to those who have not paid, hopefully by the end of the day.  We have reached the critical point and don't have time to spare waiting on payments.  So hustle guys!!




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