Biyi Wang

As a Chinese artist, Bi-yi Wang (Brigitte) her cultural background and environment has been an important source of inspiration for her work. At the same time, she believes that ‘these connections ca… View »

Yi Guo

Yi Guo’s recent work explores the puzzling infinity of time. She understands jewellery as a game, a metaphor of the unpredictable and unlimited changes of life. She sees her work as a document that… View »

Gretal Ferguson

Gretal Ferguson’s current work explores the juxtaposition between material and form. Through the use of traditional silversmithing techniques she turns metal into fat, creating precariously drooping… View »

Apinya Jitnipit

Nevertheless, there are some invisible mysteries of flowers that we cannot visualize with naked eyes, some things are extremely minute such as petite details. How do we realise that the beauty of th… View »


Yi-Jhu Huang’s collection explores the ancient, original relationship between rocks and human beings. Looking back in time, at the beginning of human kind, there was a bond between stones and people… View »

Ying Jia

Plastic ‘city line’ Material: acrylic, fabric thread Ying Jia’s work is influenced by architecture and structure, which she thinks can be seen through the geomtric elements of her work. The reason w… View »

Jiangfei Yan

I have always been interested in films as long as I can remember. This stems back to my experience as an undergraduate student in China. However, the ideas I explore in my collection started with a… View »

Maral Mamaghanizadeh

Drawing on my own roots as an Iranian woman, and my interest in feminism, I explored the issue of the hijab [veil]. As a woman in Iran you are not allowed to uncover your hair, talk about feminism o… View »

Yajie Hu

As an artist, I am naturally attracted to colour and texture, as well as art as a tangible, wearable object. I investigate the colours, textures and shapes of some interesting animals, such as snake… View »

Chen Cheng

Chen Cheng believes that contemporary jewellery is interactive because it demands a response, which can either be physical or emotional. Through kinetic movement and visual interaction, her work is… View »



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