Are you plagued by smelly feet? Do you have noisy neighbours or slugs in the kitchen? (Just me?!) Maybe alien abductions are keeping you up at night. Whatever your problem is Dr Grace can cure it.

So let me know. No problem is too small or too massively huge for Dr Grace to tackle. You can either comment on here or by following me on twitter (Dr_Grace_Page). At least once a month one suggestion will be picked at random and a Miracle Cure will be made and posted on this blog.

Don't believe me? This months suggestion came from my lovely housemate, who is getting slightly exasperated by the un petit wasp infestation ( I know the man from the council said it wasn't big enough to be an 'infestation' but dammit, if the wasps aren't paying rent they shouldn't blinking well be in our house).

So check back soon and see the Dr Grace Miracle Cure for Wasps! In the mean time, roll up, roll up, suggestions please...

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Comment by Brigitte Martin on December 1, 2011 at 10:12am

Dr. Grace. Oh, where have you been all my life? So glad to find you, if you would consult me, please. I suffer from inherent un-coolness (according to my teenagers). I am also hard of hearing. Take your pick of the more urgent problem. Looking forward to your advice. I will do whatever you prescribe.

Gratefully yours.


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