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United Kingdom

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Birmingham, UK
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Studio, College
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Maker of fine jewellery and lecturer in same.
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Found objects of all sorts, especially industrial detritus.

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  • elizabeth cohen

    Thanks for the great words! I just finished these pieces, and plan to make many more. I put them "out there" for the first time just yesterday, so I really appreciate your feedback. I am intrigued by your work. The beauty of the combined elements is profound. The work you are doing with porcelain is superb! I will check out Stevens on the web. Do you have any info you could share?
  • Brigitte Martin

    I think you would enjoy the work by Yi Liu, he is in Birmingham, not too far away from you:

    Yi Liu's crafthaus page
  • Brigitte Martin

    :-) Ha ! I am glad to hear that. You guys would be really perfect together. I can already see some sort of collaboration coming our way perhaps ?

    PS: It is my privilege to be able to see daily what great work you guys are all doing. Crafthaus was created for networking, so if I can recommend a connection that would make sense to me, I certainly will do that :-)

    Let me know how this works out, please.
  • Brigitte Martin


    As you have seen, collaborative work is very close to my heart. I currently have a call out for a show COLLABORATION TABLEWARE but I can see how this topic could be expanded upon within the wider crafthaus community as well.

    I'll do some more thinking about how to best go about that. Feel free to make suggestions...
  • Lora Hart

    What a stunning profile picture Dauvit!
  • Two Claws Jewelry

    Howdy, Dauvit!
  • Roger Rimel

    Thank you. I love the exploration of period work with your contemporary perspective. I am a goldsmith by trade and appreciate the technical skill in these pieces. Provocative, historical and well crafted, nice work.
  • Islay Taylor

    I think I saw that oak brooch in his shop!, he's got some real treasures! Thanks for passing along the information to Simon, I appreciate it... Can't wait to see what you make out of your new purchase!
  • Cheryl Eve

    Oh Merci. I was very excited when I saw my email.
  • Craig Vandeman

    Thank you so much ! L look forward to us connecting and staying in touch.
  • Craig Vandeman

    Thank you so much...
  • Brigitte Martin

    New person from you neighborhood, well kind of. Close enough.

    Farah Bandookwala
  • Tammy Young Eun Kim

    Aw thanks! I like your works too :) Yeah, taking our own photos of our work takes a lot of investment in time. I'm practicing a lot though! I hope to see you someday, will you be attending SNAG this year in Washington? I'm saving up so I can go. I hope I do :)
  • Tammy Young Eun Kim

    O wow! Thx for delivering the good news! This made my day! Thx so much for the encouragement! I'm so happy because Michael Bernard is my professor at my school and I feel a great honor to be featured along with him!
  • Michael Dale Bernard

    Thanks so much for the comments!
  • Sharon Massey

    I work at the Society for Contemporary Craft, so I will definitely see you during your visit to Pittsburgh.  Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Alena Stukavcova Dolezalova

    Your work is awesome, dark, but beautiful - so near to my heart. Thank you for comment and adding among your friends, I appreciate it very much.
  • Miriam Rowe

    Hello! I'm curating an exhibition that I thought you might be interested in: I think it fits in really well with what you're already doing, and I'd love for you to be a part of it!

    Hope everything is going well, the new pieces you've uploaded are amazing (as usual!)- especially the one I just commented on :)

  • Miriam Rowe

    Haha, I should've known you'd be one step ahead of me- I'm so pleased that you'll be participating! I know whatever you decide to submit will be good, whether it's a new series or already made: whatever works best for you! The deadline isn't til June, though, so you've got plenty of time to decide :) What exciting news about the commission! Will you be allowed to post about it when it's finished? I'd love to know what it's all about when the time is right.

  • Lorena Angulo

    :o)  Thank You Dauvit !!!
  • Miriam Rowe

    So I know you probably don't need anything else to keep you busy, but I saw this and thought it would be right up your alley:

  • Sue Amendolara

    I read your recent blog and was excited to see images at the National Museum of Scotland.  Would you have any other suggestions of historic or contemporary metals/jewelry to see in Edinburgh?  I will be there in June and would love to see what is there.  Thanks!  Sue
  • Sue Amendolara

    Hi Dauvit,  Thank you for your post.  I will be in Edinburgh June 20-24.  My e-mail is  I can contact you just before we leave and hopefully we can meet in Scotland.  Sue
  • Iain Baird

    Thanks for your support through the year and your praise , it means a great deal to me.
  • Brigitte Martin


    It was a great pleasure having Dingo and you in Pittsburgh, I hope you have enjoyed your stay as much as we loved having you! Hope to see you back in the 'burgh again next year!






























  • Cyd Rowley

    Thank you so much for your posting about the Wallace Collection and Kevin Coates.  I can't believe I lived in London for a decade (I left in '96) and never knew the Wallace Collection existed. I love your architectural pieces.  If I ever make it back to Glasgow I'll have to stop in and say Hey!

  • Brigitte Martin

  • Roger Rimel

    Thanks for stopping by to see my work. It reminded me to view your site and again appreciate the skill and the historical references you bring to create new pieces.

  • Sondra Sherman

    Thank you for your kind words. I am not famialiar with the book or music you referred to- but thank you- I will look them up. The title of the piece, 'Listen the Wind' is the title of the book it is in- it was written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

  • Sandra Murray

    Hi Dauvit, Thanks for your kind message! I look forward to seeing you at Open Studios, if you are able to come across. I always enjoy taking a trip to Glasgow as Glaswegians are very friendly people. The Kelvingrove Gallery is also fantastic. Anyway, have a nice day. Best wishes, Sandra.

  • Raquel Bessudo

    Hi it took me a while to reply to your message, but hei better late than never!

    Thanks very much, for your comments, I really appreciate them!  Really liked your work so thanks for commenting it gave me the opportunity to have a look at your work.

    Best wishes.


  • anne havel

    it's funny how that goes.  i look at your work and think there's nothing this person can't do and your comment seems so humble.  and i feel like there's virtually nothing i can do compared to all these talented people here.  well, i must get back to email.  so very far behind....

  • Leisa Rich

    So cool stuff. 

  • Grace Page

    Hello! Thank you for the comments and for crowning me the 'queen of quackery'! May have to get a t-shirt made. Love your work, expecially some of the big chunky rings.

    Dr Grace - Saving the world one piece of jewellery at a time!

  • Roxy Lentz

    Thank you for the compliment on my work. I think yours is pretty tough also.

  • Umut Demirguc Thurman

    Thank you very much :)
  • Gigi Mariani

    Thank you...... your works are fantastic!

  • Brigitte Martin

    Dauvit, Mark Fenn just posted a great call for an online exhibition geared towards UK silversmiths. If you know of anyone who might be interested...

  • Brigitte Martin

    Thank you very much. If you don't now Mark yet... here is his crafthaus page:

  • Mark Fenn - Studiofenn

    Hi thanks for the friend request..nice to meet you...and thank you for tweeting my call for artists...hope to meet up one day

    with kind regards and best wishes

    Mark Fenn

    I can also be found on facebook 

  • Mark Fenn - Studiofenn

    Just looked at your website...very very cool time I'm up your way I'll call in

  • Brigitte Martin

    Thank you very much for your membership payment and support of crafthaus. Your membership is valid through December 15, 2015.

    Enjoy crafthaus, participate often :-)

  • Sarah Loch-Test

    Absolutely!  Looking forward to your visit in the summer, maybe we can play with the new kilns (lots of other new equipment coming our way, too!).

  • Sarah Loch-Test

    We just had an Artist & Kids weekend,I had to teach an impromptu jewelry/enameling workshop. Remember Zoe from your class? She volunteered and brought in her pieces to show the kids. Lots of fun, however I'm covered in enamel!
  • Poppy Porter

    Hi there, been here a little while just not very active!  The new photos of the stainless codpiece look great - a bit western gunslinger.  That Earrings Galore exhibition looks interesting I may have to investigate.

  • Christopher Hardwick

    Hi Dauvit, thanks for the speedy response, your work is wonderful and has a strong visual voice.
    your statement is right up my alley as well.

    Much appreciated,


  • Emi Savacool

    Hey, thanks for the love! I have to admit I've stalked your luscious jewels before...
  • Louise Perrone

    Hi Dauvit - was Noel Gallager wearing one of your daffs at the Brit awards? 

  • Louise Perrone

  • Louise Perrone

    You can see Noel wearing the brooch in the video in this link (skirting neatly around the issue of Scottish independence and focusing on the jewellery)