Crafthaus Photo Policy:

EVERY image sent to the website editor will be vetted to assure some measure of overall quality control. Unlike other image sharing websites, crafthaus is not a "free-for-all". Members present their work in front of a professional, educated and highly critical audience (their peers,) so the images have to be GREAT.



Crafthaus' goal is to show members' work in the best possible light and from the many images received daily, we aim to post as many as possible. Images posted will be solely those depicting your work or images closely related to your work, such as installation shots, you working on a piece, tools, good studio shots etc. Photos of you hanging with your buddies, images showing intimate parts of your body (even if decorated with your work), or images in which the work is not clearly front and center will not be posted. Crafthaus encourages comments from the membership, however with regard to photos posted or not, we have a strict "NO WHINING" policy in effect ! We do not discuss our choices in photo material displayed on this site.

If your photos do not get posted here they either show unrelated content, nudity, or they are just not as good as they need to be. The most common reasons photos do not get posted for quality reasons are: The images are blurry/out of focus, underlit (grey/green/yellow), partially/unevenly lit, or the object is placed in front of a distracting background such as fabrics, grass or other 'structured' backgrounds. Yes, it's really that simple. Just reshoot and resubmit your work, preferably on uniform white, graduated or black background and in focus - you'll be good to go most of the time. Good photography of your work will serve you better in the long run anyway.

Extra notice: We do not consider earrings dangling off of teacups or other 'cutesy and interpretative shots' appropriate for Crafthaus. Place your work on neutral background, group pieces if you absolutely have to, but remember, no mood shots!


If you have questions on how to make your images better so that they get posted, please take a look at this discussion on crafthaus where a number of members share their insight on the topic.

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