SNAG/crafthaus Conference Scholarship

SNAG/crafthaus Conference Scholarship   

The SNAG/crafthaus Conference scholarship is awarded every January to a crafthaus member and is intended to enable his/her attendance at the annual SNAG conference! The 2017 conference will take place in New Orleans:


Application for the scholarship is FREE to currently enrolled crafthaus and SNAG members (must be current members of both organizations) regardless of location or educational background.

Past Recipients:

2011: Timothy McMahon

2012: Bifei Cao

2013: Rebecca Rose

2014: Parker Brown

2015: Kelly M. Nye

2016: Olivia Shih


Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, Executive Director, SNAG

Alaina Clarke, Program Manager, SNAG

Judging Criteria:

a) Uniqueness of creative expression
b) Excellence in craftsmanship
c) Blog topic: Must offer a new topic relating to the SNAG conference experience!


Scholarship Details:

  • SNAG conference fee waiver.
  • One-year additional SNAG membership once the current membership expires.
  • One-year additional crafthaus membership once the current membership expires.
  • Prominent blogspace on crafthaus for the duration of the blog.
  • SNAG will work with the winning candidate to include them in meetings with a conference presenter of choice.

Total value of scholarship: $410.

Note: The winner of the scholarship will be responsible for all travel, meal and lodging expenses associated with his/her participation in the conference.

Applications for this grant are collected on an ongoing basis via email submission.

Application deadline: January 31 annually.

ENTRY FORM: SNAG/crafthaus Conference Scholarship

Please copy/paste this form into a word.doc, fill out this form and email it to with the reference "SNAG/crafthaus scholarship". Can't copy/paste? Request a pdf via email from

Deadline for application: January 31 annually (via email)

I. Contact Information:





Application for the scholarship is open to current, enrolled crafthaus and SNAG members (must be current members of both organizations). Please check to confirm:

O  I am a current, enrolled member with both crafthaus and SNAG.

II. Blog

The recipient will receive prominent blog space on crafthaus geared towards the recipient’s field of expertise and focusing on an aspect of the SNAG conference experience. Crafthaus and SNAG expect the recipient to blog at least twice monthly for the duration of 2 months.

Blogging topics and timeline:

  • Prior to conference: Introduction to audience, overview of own work, preparations for conference
  • During Conference: Daily evening updates on conference experience, such as exhibition review, speakers etc. (These blog updates will be brief to enable the scholarship recipient to fully concentrate on the conference itself.)
  • After conference: Bi-weekly updates starting with continued, further in-depth conference coverage, then moving on to topic of scholar’s choosing as described in application. Continuation of blog for 6 months max.

Please describe briefly the topic of your proposed crafthaus blog (500 words max). Use a separate word doc

III. Images:

Your submission will be reviewed based on images of your work on your crafthaus profile and the topic you are proposing to blog about. All applicants are strongly encouraged to update their photos on crafthaus. Remember to include media, measurements, and all other relevant information with each photo and include photo credits. 

Submitted by:



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